How to Overcome the Nine Deadly Continuous Delivery Pipeline Mistakes

A successful continuous delivery pipeline is not achieved by following a specific linear chain of events. Instead, it requires hypothesis-driven development, careful measurement of results, and meaningful lessons learned in order to drive important and effective process adjustments. You’ll want to consider key principles from DevOps, Agile and Lean practices to create an effective value stream, and everyone across the flow of value needs have a seat at the table while working towards a common goal.

There are several common, yet deadly mistakes that are easy traps to fall into during the building process. These must be avoided at all costs to prevent the unavoidable consequences of poor customer experience, undesirable financial results, and unhappy employees. You need to understand and acknowledge these pitfalls so you can drive results that your customers desire and create an environment of engaged, happy employees.

This recent webinar highlights each of these nine mistakes, offers tips for avoiding them and advice for what to do if you’ve already traveled down a less desirable path. You’ll learn about a simple six-step plan that can help you identify, visualize and overcome the mistakes you’ve made, and learn how to avoid making them in the future.

The webinar is hosted by CollabNet and VersionOne, and led by Inbar Oren at Scaled Agile. Oren reviews the Scaled Agile Framework and the processes that enable continuous exploration, continuous integration and continuous deployment to build and measure a continuous delivery pipeline that releases on demand.

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