The Week’s Big News: Orchestrate!

I’d like to share some big news. Tuesday we announced TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate™. We believe TeamForge Orchestrate represents a breakthrough approach to modern software engineering, as it enables globally dispersed software organizations to connect disparate tools and activities – across locations and clouds.  Together, TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate provides IT organizations with an open, extendable ALM platform for enterprise Agile and DevOps, one that delivers traceability and governance while providing the freedom and control to use a range of open-source and commercial tools in unison.

As some of you know, since our inception 14 years ago, CollabNet’s vision has been to provide our users with an ALM platform that is open, flexible, and extendable to third-party tools. We already offer our users an alternative to the monolithic and proprietary systems of other ALM vendors by providing a platform that comes with deeply integrated open-source tools like Jenkins, Subversion and Git, as well as deeply embedded industry tools such as BlackDuck Code Sight for code search and UC4 for application release automation and orchestration.

So you may be asking: What else does Orchestrate bring to the table, and what problem are we addressing for development teams?

The Problem & What’s Needed

Simply put, the current industry tools are inadequate to meet the application-lifecycle traceability needs of the software engineering industry. Existing commercial traceability tools provide only simplistic support for traceability, with little automation of the entire traceability process. Most tools lack real-time updating and automation, and they require users to manually update many aspects of the traceability data. Still worse, traceability features usually work only within the context of a tool itself – i.e., support for heterogeneous computing environments is lacking, and traceability across tools suffers from poor integration and lack of flexibility. What’s needed is traceability that spans the entire software lifecycle, is simple and flexible in regards to process, is not embedded within the context of a single tool, integrates the user’s favorite point tools into a unified platform and view, and works across geographic locations and infrastructures.

The Orchestrate Solution

Addressing the above traceability needs is precisely the focus of our new release of TeamForge 7.0 with Orchestrate. Orchestrate helps software organizations connect disparate tools and activities and produce cross-functional associations and visual traceability throughout the application lifecycle in a structured manner. It provides a centralized system of record that connects previously unconnected ALM activities, syndicating human and machine-generated transactions to bridge IT silos and provide context between tasks.

Some great new features of Orchestrate include:

•  A control center for delivery pipelines that creates traceability across disparate tools and clouds to improve code quality and reduce cycle times

•  Social CI/CD activity streams that link comments to events, data, and activities

•  A graphical interface that provides efficient drill-in and can speed build analysis

•  Agent-based APIs that eliminate vendor lock-in. Prepackaged integrations include Git/Gerrit, Subversion, Review Board, Jenkins, and more. We’ve also made it easy to add your own ALM Dev and Ops tools by modifying our open-source adapters or by customizing your own.

You can learn more about the new Orchestrate at: (  Take a look and let me know what you think. Will this help your software development effort? I would like to hear your feedback.


Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli is Chairman of the Board and cofounder of CollabNet. Bill has been a business innovator in open source, globally distributed software development and on-demand provisioning since the late '90s. Bill's background includes 30+ years of experience in creating businesses and driving startups to rapid growth through to successful IPO and acquisition, as well as executive staff leadership in billion dollar companies. He has consistently conceived of and led teams to deliver client-enabling IT strategies, products and services in both the hardware and software industries. In recognition of his accomplishments as a leader in global software development, Bill was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the Technology Pioneer Award in 2010.

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