TeamForge For The Masses

Engineers are typically from the ‘seeing is believing’ school and we’re no exception here at CollabNet. We’ve been watching our popular Subversion Edge product establish an irrefutable trend over the last few months – a staggering 90%+ of our Edge installs are running on Windows.

We believe with a passion that our Edge users will love our TeamForge development platform and with this in mind this week we released a free version of TeamForge on Windows that is just dead easy to install and dead easy to plug your Edge into.

As I’ve joked with my team here at CollabNet, ‘it’s so easy even I can do it!’. I am not sure they believe me but why don’t you have a go and see for yourself.

So Easy A Manager Can Do It!

richard murray

Richard Murray leads all aspects of Products, Technology, Operations, and Support at CollabNet. With over 20 years of industry experience, he has held various technical and executive positions. Just prior to joining CollabNet, Richard was at Reuters where he led both their West Coast development centers and where he transformed worldwide engineering by pioneering its move to a standard, cloud based development platform.

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