Solving the “Application Creation-to-Production Handoff “ Dilemma with VMware Studio

To address the “handoff” dilemma, CollabNet TeamForge and
VMware Studio deliver an on-ramp to production and cloud environments.

Now, you can take advantage of this end-to-end solution. Code
applications, create and publish virtual appliances, connect with cloud service
providers, and then manage and update conveniently through the CollabNet
TeamForge – VMware Studio combination.

The application creation process (code, build, test) is seamlessly
done through CollabNet TeamForge, publishing virtual appliances to the VMware
Virtual Appliance Marketplace. In addition, VMware Studio integrates with
VMware Update Manager for automated patch and updates to your customers, saving
you time and headache.

Read more, and watch how CollabNet
TeamForge and VMware Studio
work together through a five minute demo.

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