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From MASSForge, the software collaboration environment for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, comes a great add-on to your CollabNet TeamForge site, the Calendar linked application. Better yet, this is an open-source project, hosted on our public site,, so if you see some improvements you’d like to make, you easily can—as well as contributing them back to the project, if they might be generally useful.

The application deploys easily into any modern Tomcat server. With that plus “Linked Application” configuration into your project, you’re off and running. A new tab will appear in the project’s tab-bar:

… and Tasks entered in the project’s Tasks tool will be displayed in the calendar:

As with any good open-source project, there’s a wiki with installation details, and a full suite of discussions for Announcements, Help, and any Installation Issues (none reported so far—be the first!)

You can check the project out from Subversion, or download the latest release from the File Releases area.

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