New feature in CollabNet Connect /sync (CCF): Reverse field mappings automatically and save 50 percent of your time

There is one CCF feature request from our customers, we are hearing over and over again:

 “Setting up field mappings from <your third party ALM tool here> to TeamForge takes a lot of time, isn’t there any way to at least semi-automate this?”

In particular, people wondered if they already designed their field mapping rules from Quality Center to TeamForge, why they cannot just generate the mapping for the opposite direction.

While our hands were tied with custom field mappings and Altova MapForce (automatically reversing expressions in a Turing complete language [XSLT] is technically impossible), we kept this use case in our minds when we designed our own, platform independent graphical mapping feature in CCF 2.1.

Now, we finally came up with a reverse mapping wizard for our own graphical mappings. Just right click on an existing field mapping, select the wizard and it will create a field mapping for the opposite direction. It is an interactive wizard, so you can tweak the characteristics of the mapping being generated and add your own mapping rules if needed. This will save you up to 50 percent of your synchronization setup/maintenance time.

In order to benefit from the new feature, you just have to upgrade your Eclipse Desktop/Windows Desktop, there is no need to update TeamForge Connector Server if you are already on version 2.1.

If you like to get more technical information on the reverse mapping wizard, drop me a comment or have a look at our tech blog post:

Best, Johannes

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