Building a Better Backlog Q&A

On March 5th, I presented the webinar, “Building a Better Backlog: Strategies for Long Term Success in Agile Development.” In the session, I shared strategies on how to build and maintain a good product backlog by describing the overall concepts and techniques for backlog management and how each of the project contributors can contribute to its overall effectiveness. Specifically, I covered: What a product backlog is and how to create product backlog items How to write good user stories How to estimate product backlog items How to groom the product backlog, and The importance of treating the product backlog as …

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Continuously Innovate Software Delivery with CollabNet Connect

Thank you to everyone who pre-registered for the on demand webinar, “Continuously Innovate Software Delivery with CollabNet Connect,” that I co-presented with Raja Venkataraman, Technical Architect, CollabNet. In the session, we talked about what CollabNet Connect is all about and shared practical examples of TeamForge integrating with Atlassian JIRA and we went over how you can build your own integrations. Below is the Q&A.

Closing the Agile Loop Webinar Series– End of Ticketing Hell: Integrating Code Quality

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar (part of the Closing the Agile Loop CI series)! If you can’t attend live, please register to receive a copy of the presentation. Title: End of Ticketing Hell: Integrating Code Quality Nothing shatters development’s reputation as easily as poor code in production. The good news is that Continuous Integration (CI) can help to identify problems faster, often before production releases. You will also hear best practices from customers, who successfully enforce quality standards, by outlying and delivering on a strategic quality plan. Attend this session to learn: Why quality metrics matter, and what to watch …

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Industrializing Agile Software Delivery with ALM2.0+ (Join CollabNet for Webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc., and Deutsche Post!)

Attend this session and hear:
– Why ALM 2.0+ is vital for implementing Agile software delivery and DevOps on enterprise scale, and how it’s different from traditional ALM approaches
– How CollabNet’s latest TeamForge platform enables central governance, without mandating end-user tools or repositories or locking customers into rigid software configurations
– What key factors contributed to Deutsche Post realizing 30% faster time to market and saving over 20% in IT operations cost, across 800 diverse projects

Industrializing Agile Software Delivery with DevOps *Update!

Update 12/07/11: Just coming back from the Gartner’s AADI Summit, it was a great show. There was a fair amount of interest in DevOps at the conference, with Gartner estimating that 40% of enterprises will experiment with DevOps by end of 2012. The sessions hosted by CollabNet (Industrializing Agile Software Delivery with DevOps) was well attended, standing room only – thanks to those of you who attended!   As promised please don’t miss the referenced case study with Deutsche Post.   Questions or comments about my session? Please post a comment. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— On Wednesday, November 30th at 1:10pm, I will be …

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A Marriage Made in Heaven: Agile and Project Portfolio Management

On October 27th, I co-presented the webinar, “A Marriage Made in Heaven: Agile and Project Portfolio Management,” with Russ King, Vice President, Product Development, Results Positive, Inc. and Caleb Brown, Systems Engineer at CollabNet. We explored the benefits of marrying Agile Project Management and PPM and we did a live demo showing this using HP’s PPM solution and CollabNet’s ScrumWorks Pro to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of managing a resource constrained project portfolio. Judging by the number of questions, the audience was clearly heavily engaged.  We had a 15 minute Q&A and did not come close to answering all of …

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WEBINAR: Cutting Edge Cloud Development Platform for

If you are you developing for, or thinking about it, you’d probably stumble into these questions: Is there a complete development solution for  How can I code with version control, manage my force. com development process, and one-click deploy to If you can join us, we will answer this questions and show you best practices in development using cutting edge cloud development techniques and tools. Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET Speakers: Brian Matthews Founder and CTO, BrainEngine Willie Wang, Codesion Cloud Services – VP, Products and Services, CollabNet

How Does Agile ALM Work in the Cloud?

A lot is involved in ALM! No software system is so simple that the entire development can be entirely scripted from beginning to end in a linear fashion, which is why we are seeing a shift in the market to “Agile ALM”. Simply stated, both the ALM and Agile communities are focused on improving the current state of software development. While ALM approaches the challenge from a technology point of view, Agile is focused on improving the “process”.

Remove Barriers and Empower Developers with Cloud Computing

There is some confusion over how Agile works into application lifecycle management (ALM), and how all this can be done in the cloud. To make sense of all this for you, we have two treats.First, is the video of Bill Portelli’s recent keynote, explaining Agile ALM for in the Cloud. Second is a webinar we are really excited about and how you’ll join us in.

Subversion in the Enterprise Webinar

In the last few blog posts we have mentioned the webinar “Subversion in the Enterprise”. A replay of this webinar is availabe from CM Crossroads. The webinar covers: A quick introduction of CollabNet (real quick) What is Subversion? Why Subversion is right for the Enterprise What companies are using it for A Reuters Case Study (very interesting to hear a large company talk about Subversion) Support and Training Options