CloudForge for Microsoft – Connecting Visual Studio to TeamForge

In part 1 of this blog, I walked through connecting Microsoft Visual Studio to a Subversion repository on CloudForge using AnkhSVN.  Today I want to build on that connection, adding agile project management and issue tracking into Visual Studio with CloudForge’s TeamForge Project. Even if you aren’t using Subversion in this project you will need to install the CollabNet Desktop – Visual Studio Edition to enable a connection to TeamForge Project.  Please refer to that post and follow at least the first few steps to get the connection configured. I won’t dive too deeply into the features and benefits of …

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CloudForge for Microsoft – Connecting Visual Studio to SVN

A few months ago I wrote a blog detailing how to connect Eclipse to a TeamForge Project in CloudForge. I wanted to follow-up that post with an analogous walk-through with Visual Studio and CloudForge. For the purpose of this blog I am using Visual Studio 2010 but the same steps apply to Visual Studio 2008 as well. This will be a three-part blog. The first part will cover creating a new project in CloudForge and uploading source code into a centralized Subversion repository. The second part will cover integrating issue tracking and agile project management with TeamForge into our Visual …

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Scripting TeamForge Connector Server (CCF 2.0) REST API for fun and profit

One major feedback we received on CCF 1.x was that our customers really liked its bidirectional artifact synching functionality to HP ALM/Quality and Scrumworks Pro but did not like the fact that they could only control its behavior from a locally installed Eclipse client. As part of CollabNet’s Connect Initiative, we started over with TeamForge Connector Server 2.0 (aka CCF 2.0) and exposed all its functionality over a REST API. Now, there is no need a locally running Eclipse any more and all functionality can be accessed remotely. In fact, all our remote clients (Windows Desktop and Eclipse Desktop) make …

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SharpSvn Brings Subversion to .NET

SharpSvn is a .Net binding for Subversion. CollabNet’s Jeremy Whitlock explains what it does and shows a sample application.