Version Control Best Practices for Software Organizations

Though version control is an essential part of any software development organization’s day-to-day routine, not all teams understand how to best leverage the tools available. Whether your organization is using Subversion, Git or any other tool to protect and manage your company’s valuable software assets, there are a number of ways to maximize those investments and save your teams time and effort. In my last post I shared some best practices for developers when it comes to using version control systems. There are also a number of tips and tricks of the trade that organizations and managers can employ to …

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Why you should be using an Artifact Repository- Part 1

An artifact repository is akin to what Subversion is to source code, i.e. it is a way of versioning code binary artifacts. In the Java world these artifacts could be jars, wars, ears, fully fledged applications, libraries or a collections of libraries that are packaged.