Need a quick fix? Simple solutions to SVN, TeamForge and Git

Support sees quite a few issues, and while impossible to solve everything immediately (or through a blog I may be writing), I’ve found some common issues that you may encounter while wrangling code on CloudForge: – TeamForge login: Do you have a long domain name? While we mention that you must use the ‘domain_username’ structure for logging in, what you might not know is that we’ll truncate login names longer than 32 characters. For example: if I have the organization ‘excellentbusinessorganization’ and my username is ‘jesseyowell’, you will see under the TeamForge login page that your login name may be …

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Git and Subversion Bridge


Apache Subversion® since its inception in 1999 continues to be the most widely adopted version control software in the majority of open source development projects and a large number of corporate projects. However in the recent years DVCS has started becoming popular and usually have the following properties in common: • Development History of repository is available locally on disk. • Operations like commits, viewing history, and reverting changes doesn’t require any network connectivity to server. • Multiple central repository Since 2005 Git has evolved as a world’s leading DVCS (distributed version control system). What makes Git distinct from nearly …

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The 2013 Future of Open Source Survey is here!

Future of Open Source Survey

Each year for the past 6 years, software companies and industry influencers have collaborated to conduct the open source survey on attitudes and adoption of open source software in business. And now, the 7th annual Future of Open Source Survey is open and will be accepting submissions until March 28th. This year, over 25 influential open source collaborators have joined forces to conduct “The Future of Open Source Survey“, including:  CollabNet, Black Duck, and Forrester. This annual survey provides a report on the state of the open source industry and analysis of future trends from influencers and important open source-related organizations. …

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Building Open-Source Software Engineering Tools

Do you know about CollabNet’s Tigris.Org community?  The birth-place of Subversion and home of many Subversion client tools, Tigris also hosts the communities behind the popular UML design tool ArgoUML, the Perl style and correctness tool Perlcritic, the PHP object-relational database Lawngnome, the highly customizable bug tracker Scarab, process tools like ReadySET, and lots more. Named for the great river Tigris, birthplace of civilizations and stories, the Tigris site provides fertile, well-watered soil for a new kind of community. A Tigris project collects together the mail lists, wiki, bug tracking, document sharing and storage, and source code — a well-equipped and …

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Latest GitHub incidents show Git History Rewrite is both Day and Night for Enterprise Compliance


It did not take a full day before GitHub had to disable its recently announced source code search feature again. The reason for that is perfectly explained in this blog post on arstechnica. In a nutshell, many users had uploaded Git commits to public GitHub repositories which contained confidential information, including their private keys (cryptographic credentials). Everybody who knows how to search for those private keys could use GitHub’s code search and log into major production sites. This is definitely not GitHub’s fault but a critical oversight of the repository owners who uploaded confidential credentials to a public repository. You …

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Subversion 1.6.20 Released!

Subversion 1.6.20

On January 8, 2013 Apache released Subversion 1.6.20. (Tweet This!) This is the most complete version to date in the 1.6 version series and has significant bug fixes. Subversion is an open-source version control system that has been widely adopted by developers in recent years. So what’s new with 1.6.20? User-Visible changes: Client and server-side bug fixes Fix typos in pt_BR, es and zh_TW translations (r1402417) Server-side bug fixes add Vary: header to GET responses to improve cacheability (r1390653) fix fs_fs to cleanup after failed rep transmission (r1403964, et al) fix an assert with SVNAutoVersioning in mod_dav_svn (issue #4231) For …

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A DevOps IT wish list for CIO’s in 2013…

DevOps Things to do list

CollabNet is engaged in IT Development conversations globally and is quickly emerging as a leading influencer and enabler for hybrid Enterprise IT strategies, like DevOps, and supports… Blended processes and tool-chains across Development & Operations, (Tweet This!) Clouds (private & public), on-premise systems and globally distributed data-centers, (Tweet This!) Local employees, contracted consultants & global outsource development teams. (Tweet This!) While modern IT transformation efforts need to address various IT culture, IT process and Technology issues, DevOps provides organizations the opportunity to re-think IT.  The DevOps model allows organizations to adopt and fully leverage modern innovations and collaborative practices across …

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Subversion 1.7.8 – Download Now

download svn

Download Subversion now, get the official Subversion 1.7.8 binaries. It’s the latest release of Subversion. Find the release notes on the Apache site. That new release includes bug fixes for server and client side While at it, also check out (and download for free) Subversion Edge 3.2.2, which already includes the full stack, including SVN 1.7.8.   * Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

SVN settings in CloudForge – Easy to use and understand!

Have you ever encountered (broken) code that has lines like this…? <<<<<<< .mine # This developer has no idea how to merge ======= # This developer knows how to code >>>>>>> .r6 In case you didn’t know, those are Subversion (SVN) conflict markers that should have been resolved (deleted) by the previous developer before that code was committed.  But don’t be alarmed, committing markers could happen to the best of us,  right?  Well, with these easy settings, it doesn’t need to happen to anyone using CloudForge.  In addition, a few other nuances can be prevented as well. When you are …

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Reducing Network Traffic in Subversion 1.8

This post discusses Apache Subversion features which are available in the development codebase at the time of writing but which have not yet been published in an official release and may change prior to such a release. I’ve made neither apologies about nor attempts to hide the fact that I adore Subversion’s sparse checkouts functionality. The moment that feature became available, I reorganized my local Subversion-versioned projects from a scattered mess of thirty or so disparate trunk and branch working copies into a single working copy per project, rooted at the project’s root directory and sparsely populated from there. Now, …

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