Subversion 1.4.5 Released

Subversion 1.4.5 was released today. The only change from Subversion 1.4.4 is a patch for a Windows client security exploit.

SCPlugin: Subversion for the rest of OS X

The open source SCPlugin utility provides Subversion client access from within the Mac OS X Finder. SCPlugin community lead and CollabNet CTO Jack Repenning announces beta 0.7 which is full-featured enough to support your day-to-day work.

Unstoppable Subversion

Subversion is unstoppable; it now runs on more than 150,000 public Apache servers and over 2 million developers use Subversion.

Subversion 1.5 – Resolving Conflicts

Subversion 1.5 adds functionality for conflict resolution during merges.The new functionality is exposed through the Subversion APIs so GUI clients can take advantage of it.

Second Chances and Subversion

Because Subversion preserves all history, it is easy to undo changes and get your files back to a previous state. Mark Phippard explains how.

From the Question Bin: Subversion Locking

Subversion supports both the copy-modify-merge and lock-modify-unlock version control models of managing changes to files while hopefully avoiding conflicts with other collaborators. C. Michael Pilato contrasts the two models, describes how Subversion implements them, and suggests when to employ each model for maximize productivity.

Upcoming Subversion 1.5 Feature: Changelists

Subversion 1.5 introduces changelists which lets you arbitrarily label working copy files for the purpose of associating multiple files together, typically the files related to a particular change you are working on.

Sparse Directories in Subversion 1.5

The last few weeks we blogged a lot about the Merge Tracking feature in Subversion 1.5.  Of course there are several other great new features coming. Let’s look at what else is new. The Subversion 1.5 release notes (which are not final of course) mention these new features for 1.5: Merge Tracking Sparse checkouts WebDAV transparent write-through proxy Cyrus SASL support for ra_svn and svnserve Copy/move improvements: peg revisions, ‘svn mv file1 file2; svn mv file2 file3’, ‘svn cp *.c dir’ Cancellation improvements Changelist support FSFS sharding Command-line client improvements JavaHL bindings improvements Many improved APIs If you are new …

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Merge Auditing in Subversion 1.5

Ahead of the development roadmap, Subversion 1.5 will have Merge Auditing.

Universal Subversion Binary Gets Updated and Upgraded

Subversion 1.4.4 binaries for MAC OS X released on openCollabNet (