SVN Server SSL Certificate Change

On US PT 8/17/2010 9:00 AM, we will be updating the SSL certificate on all of our SVN servers.  This is a scheduled and routine maintenance that may affect all Codesion customers and trial users with subversion projects. Business Impact Some SVN clients do not bundle a list of trusted Certificate Authorities.  Therefore, due to this SSL certificate change, you may need to re-accept the SSL certificate information.  You may get a prompt like: You can manually validate our certificate information with the following Fingerprint: C6:0A:10:4E:87:9A:35:65:5E:E1:D3:FB:74:D0:E9:D4:58:72:6D:56 Choose to “accept permanently” and you can continue to use the service. Support If you …

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Codesion Publisher Tab Released

Codesion Publisher provides simplified, one-click publishing of your source code to any hosted or cloud server, including Amazon S3 and the Google App Engine. To make management of your publishing targets and recipes easier, we have released the Publisher Tab, which gives you a single view of all your projects enabled for deployment.

IP Whitelist and Block HTTP Features Moved

We’ve moved the IP Whitelist and Block HTTP security features under the “Security” tab within your Codesion account (previously located under the “Services” tab). IP Whitelist IP Whitelist allows an administrator to specify a list of IP addresses that can access Codesion services.  For example, if you specify as the IP Address in the whitelist, then ONLY a computer from IP address can access Codesion services.  This is useful to lock down your access to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses. Block HTTP All URLs for accessing Codesion services are set to HTTPS:// by …

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Codesion Achieves PCI Compliance

One of our goals is to deliver you the most secure and reliable enterprise grade platform.  In line with this we are now officially PCI compliant as defined by the Security Standards Council. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements originally designed to ensure that all companies who process, store, or transmit credit card data maintain a secure environment. However, these strict standards can also be applied to the storage of your source code. The high-level requirements include: Building and maintaining a secure network Protecting user data Maintaining a vulnerability management program Implementing strong access …

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Using Hosted Gitweb

Codesion Git customers can now enjoy hosted Gitweb. Using Gitweb you can browse directory trees at arbitrary revisions, view contents of files (blobs), see log or shortlog of a given branch, examine commits, commit messages and changes made by a given commit. Gitweb can generate feeds in RSS or Atom format. You can get any given version of a file; if not disabled you can download a snapshot of a given version of a project (project tree at given revision). You can search (if it is not disabled) for commits by an author, added to repository by a comitter, commit with …

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Codesion Enterprise Git hosting launched (beta)

Yes, after months of hard work by team Codesion, we’ve finally launched our Git hosting service (in beta)! The rise of distributed source control management systems in recent years has led to a number of interesting, open source options for developers. We are now ready to bring the “best of breed” Git service to the Codesion enterprise security platform. Adoption of Git and Distributed SCM According to a comprehensive 2010 Forrester SCM tools survey, open source Source Code Management (SCM) tools now account for nearly 50% of market share. Centralized systems (SVN/CVS) account for 45% of usage, while distributed systems …

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Subversion JIRA ticket integration now live

Furthering our platform integration services, today we have released our JIRA (beta) ticket integration feature. This allows you to enter in keywords into the Subversion (Git integration coming soon) commit log message. Our system then interprets this syntax and auto-updates the relevant ticket in the ticketing / bug tracking system you’ve chosen to connect your repository to. You can learn more about our Ticket Integration syntax here. To enable JIRA ticket integration with Codesion, you must be on at least our Professional Edition plan, and have JIRA installed. Step 1: Sign into your Codesion account, click on Projects -> select your project. Make sure you are signing in with an …

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WYSIWYG Plugin for Trac

Due to popular demand, we’ve installed the Trac WYSIWYG plugin. All our plugins must go through extensive testing to make sure they will be compatible with our other existing plugin list. We have to make sure we don’t hit some weird edge case bug caused by 2 incompatible plugins, which we’ve seen before in the past. To install the plugin is simple. Just login to our site and click on Projects -> select your project -> click on Trac under the services heading -> click Trac settings. On the Trac settings page just enable the WYSIWYG plugin and your done.

Subversion 1.6.9 upgrade

In line with the regular updates from the Subversion folk, we’ve officially upgraded all of our Subversion nodes to 1.6.9. We like to stay one or two revisions behind for compatibility reasons given the number of Subversion client tools out there, unless it’s a security fix release. Often being on the ‘bleeding edge’ can cause edge case issues with some of our customers. Check out the release notes for Subversion.

Subversion integration and Rally Software

The rise and success of the popular SaaS Agile suite from Rally Software has seen much Codesion customers request some form of integration with Rally’s product. We’ve responded by extending our commit integration system to work with Rally. This feature is now currently live (in beta) for our Professional Edition customers. The Codesion Rally integration takes the check-in or commit message and updates the Rally artifact’s discussion with a list of files affected and optionally updates the state of the Rally artifact. A quick run down on how to set this up. 1. You’ll need to be on our Professional Edition plan. Once your signed up, login into …

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