Secure Shell (SSH) Deploy with Publisher

 You’ve been asking for it, and today we have responded by adding to Codesion Publisher (our deployment engine), the ability to configure a deployment target (remote host) with tunneled SSH password authentication. Previous to this you would need to configure an SSH key pair, and upload your SSH private key to us. So if the host you’re deploying your code to supports tunneled SSH auth, you just need to enter your username and password, and your up and running. Happy deploying!

Advanced password security in Codesion Professional Edition

Given that many software development teams today include full time developers and temporary contributors, working together collaboratively from multiple locations, it is important that account and project managers have total control over who has access to sensitive information. This includes knowing when developers leave the team, and being able to promptly shut off that user’s (or group’s) access to sensitive project data. We recently launched an advanced security pack, which provides additional tools to account administrators to better manage passwords, password expiry and account lockout. This gives peace of mind, knowing there is one place to go in Codesion, to …

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