Building a Better Backlog Q&A

On March 5th, I presented the webinar, “Building a Better Backlog: Strategies for Long Term Success in Agile Development.” In the session, I shared strategies on how to build and maintain a good product backlog by describing the overall concepts and techniques for backlog management and how each of the project contributors can contribute to its overall effectiveness. Specifically, I covered: What a product backlog is and how to create product backlog items How to write good user stories How to estimate product backlog items How to groom the product backlog, and The importance of treating the product backlog as …

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Technical Debt Webinar – Q&A

Earlier this week, we ran a webinar entitled “Technical Debt – the High Cost of Future Change”. The topic was of course, technical debt in Agile projects. Although we left what we thought was ample time for questions, as it turned out there were many more than we had time for. So, as promised, we are posting the questions and our responses here. I hope these are helpful! (Note the answers below are not written by Michael James, the webinar presenter.) Q: I’ve found that when asked, people come up with a very ‘full’ definition of done, but in the …

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How To Have An Effective Daily Scrum – When The 15 Minute Meeting Takes Longer Than 15 minutes.

In the first installment of this blog series on How To Have An Effective Daily Scrum (“When The Daily Scrum Isn’t Daily” posted April 30, 2010 ) I reviewed the purpose and some good practices for effective daily scrum meetings. We also examined the first in a series of “smells” that can contribute to your daily scrums being ineffective and wasteful; why not meeting daily is a problem, and some things you can do as a servant leader to help your team with this situation.