The Push and Pull of Software Delivery: The Case for Kanban

It’s no secret that software is king in every industry today, and it’s more challenging now than ever for organizations to keep up with customer demands. Whether it’s mobile apps, the GPS system in a car or having the ability to buy products with the click of a button, customers are demanding more, quicker and better. And, what is the key to success for any business? Customer satisfaction. With disparate teams and toolchains that sometimes include dozens to hundreds of plugins, it’s no wonder that it is so challenging for businesses today to keep up. However, a tried and true …

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“How to Improve Productivity with Agile Methodologies” ( Article Recap)

Many in the industry are searching for new ways to increase productivity and efficiency with Agile approaches to software development.  That’s the theme of a new article on by Bruce Harpham, who details the many benefits of Agile methodologies in software development and examines key considerations for implementing the practice. Our very own Scott Rose spoke with Bruce on the topic and discussed the ways organizations can employ Agile practices among a global team, where face-to-face is not feasible. While Bruce notes that face-to-face interaction is a key element to increased productivity within agile, it’s not always possible with the …

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Scrum and Kanban – Do they play together?

Below is an excerpt from an email response I sent someone asking me about Kanban and Scrum and what they should do to determine which is more appropriate for their teams. This is just my personal opinion on this subject and I’m sure our trainers have MUCH better perspective to add!