TeamForge for Free…That’s Right, Free. With CloudForge.

CloudForge Project

  Tuesday was a big day for CollabNet. We announced some long-planned disruptive changes to CloudForge™ pricing and packaging.  A key component of these changes was making TeamForge® available as an entry point to all CloudForge users.  The initial feedback on this development has been extremely positive with strong press, analyst and partner feedback as well as large spikes in both new and free users. Of course, CollabNet continues to ride the market wave of development and deployment moving to the public and privately managed cloud.  But we’ve had CloudForge for a while, so this begs the question as to “what’s different?”  Basically, …

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Software Development Trends and Tools in Asia

cloud cluster

Three key trends are having a profound impact on the global software development industry today- Agile software development, the emergence of DevOps, and Cloud-based development infrastructures. Legacy vendors have struggled to keep pace with these trends, giving rise to a new generation of paradigms and technologies. In the summer of 2012, CollabNet applied its strengths in open source, distributed development, social collaboration and hosted developer communities to address those drivers, resulting in a ground-breaking framework known as Enterprise Cloud Development. The results have been positive, as enterprises have been quick to accept the logic behind the framework, and the tools …

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Peer Programming and Code Review Q&A


CollabNet kicked off the new year with a 3 part series called Go Agile with Git on January 15, 2013. (Tweet This!) This series is designed as a crash-course on managing Git workflows and continuous branching and merging in Agile software development, then explores the power of code review with Gerrit and Jenkins. The second installment of the series was a look into utilizing Gerrit Code Review to achieve a faster, more efficient code delivery similar to peer programming. Thank you to everyone that attended, but if we missed you please register for the on-demand replay. The first installment of …

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Enterprise Cloud Development: A Paradigm shift


There’s no denying it – Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) represents the next evolution in managing modern software development processes across the enterprise. Moving to the cloud is a smart move for businesses today. Organizations are looking toward ECD as a means to better manage, secure and support their IT infrastructure. It helps reduce complexity, lower costs and improve scalability. It has also been predicted by experts that in the coming years cloud services will encompass most IT solutions. There are good reasons for an enterprise to consider moving from a traditional in-house IT model to the cloud. First, enterprises will …

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CloudForge Support is now HUGE!

Summer brought a lot of exciting new things to CollabNet’s Cloud Business Unit. If you’ve being paying attention, you are probably familiar with our new and sexy front-end: CloudForge. However, it’s very likely that many of you are unaware of the internal improvements we have made to enhance our customers’ experience. One of our internal projects was to: greatly increase our support head count, and integrate more Enterprise support processes into the CollabNet Cloud Services. Simply put, our goal was to make it easy for you to access support. Prior to setting this goal, we successfully managed a community of ~ 100K users, thousands of …

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CollabNet Named One of India’s Great Companies To Work For 2012

Over the past few months, our company has pulled together to conceive, create products and services, and roll out to the market a transformational strategy called Enterprise Cloud Development.  We couldn’t have done it without all of us pulling together as a team in a highly collaborative, passionate, and global way.  Thanks again.  This is the same teamwork and excellence that has allowed CollabNet to be recognized over the years with dozens of technology and business awards. Along these lines, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce our latest corporate award.  Today, CollabNet has been named …

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CollabNet: 1 of only 7 companies out of 268 ever named 10 straight years to SD Times Top 100

In a recent blog post in which CollabNet had announced our positioning around Enterprise Cloud Development, I made the comment that for the last “12 years CollabNet has been blessed to work with some of the brightest people and organizations on the planet. Together, as individuals, companies, institutions and members of the community at large, we have worked collectively to advance the art of building and deploying software that touches every facet of our daily life.” It’s a vision and a passion we take seriously at CollabNet. It provides us with a purpose and a focus which provides an energy …

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Enterprise Cloud Development in 206 Seconds

CollabNet is very excited to work with the application development and cloud computing communities to advance modern software delivery. As part of our recent company re-launch, we stepped back, met with industry leaders, customers and influencers, and collectively defined the Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) category. The experience has been profound and exhilarating, as we took the time to center our vision beyond our own technical solutions, and, instead, focus on the industry as a whole. In the spirit of agility and simplicity, we challenged ourselves to tell the entire ECD story in just a few minutes. As it turns out …

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CollabNet and Enterprise Cloud Development – Playing Our Part to Drive Continuous Improvement in the Software Development Industry

For more than 12 years CollabNet has been blessed to work with some of the brightest people and organizations on the planet. Together, as individuals, companies, institutions and members of the community at large, we have worked collectively to advance the art of building and deploying software that touches every facet of our daily life. All of us in the software industry have experienced the continuous change and innovation that has led us to create “better software faster.” Through the introduction, adoption and maturity of open source tools, ALM for distributed development, Agile methodologies, DevOps/Continuous Delivery and emerging platform-as-a-services offerings, …

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Announcing CloudForge – CollabNet’s new development PaaS

It’s Monday April 30 here in San Francisco, and we have officially just launched CloudForge in Public Beta- CollabNet’s new development Platform as a Service (dPaaS). This is something we’ve been hard at work on since early-2011, so we’re glad to finally be in production. Our History & Philosophy Since the early 2000s, we at CollabNet have envisioned that developing software in and for the cloud would be the mainstream way of working. Today, mobile, web, collaboration, and social apps have exploded, and PaaS/IaaS vendors like Amazon, CloudFoundry, and are now first-class citizens alongside Enterprise IT. Agile development organizations …

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