7 Version Control Best Practices for Developers

In my last post, Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Version Control, I outlined some of the basics of why version control is important. Version control saves versions of code which can then be reused, or in case of issues, applications can be reverted to older working versions. Popular version control solutions used today are Git, Subversion (SVN), Perforce and others. Version Control is vital at the enterprise software development level where you have a vast number of disparate teams. It is an every-day part of the developer’s routine, but also helps organizations achieve some high-level business goals such as increasing …

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Version Control

Let’s be honest, version control isn’t exactly a topic you would bring up at a dinner party to spice up the conversation. Managing file versions and meticulously reviewing code for errors can be a dull subject. In fact, it rarely makes the headlines — even in software development news when there are far more exciting trends to cover like AI or the latest Apple device hitting the market. But much like no one really talks about putting on clean socks in the morning, setting an alarm at night or looking both ways before crossing the street, version control is an …

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TeamForge Release 6.2 Webinar Q&A

On June 26th, I presented the webinar, “TeamForge Release 6.2 – What’s New,” In the session, I talked about how TeamForge 6.2 can help you increase developer productivity, drive transparency and ensure compliance. I also did live demos of the new features and explained the functionality. We also had an engaging Q&A session where I referenced resources and in some cases, next steps on how to get started or get going with TeamForge so I thought it would be helpful to post the Q&A as a follow-up and thank you to those who joined me. If you missed the session …

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DevOps, the Agile Cadence and Modern Code Languages…an Opportunity for IT Optimization?

I had an interesting conversation with an IT executive around IT’s changing cadence.  We were talking about some of the “overlooked” IT changes that establish a new IT pace, or create a new “IT heartbeat”…if IT organizations can sync up. In the area of release and deployment there were huge differences in the cadence of IT deployment practices (as we prepared to started the auto-deployment discussions). What we found was a new potential IT cadence systematically coming from IT development teams who had adopted modern dynamic or iterative code languages (Ruby, Python, etc.) and Agile practices. Some interesting irony here …

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Git for the Enterprise – Promises and Pitfalls

I’ve changed my mind. A couple of years ago, I was spending a lot of my day trying to eradicate Git from my environment. It was springing up all over the place. It seemed like I’d only just finished getting a handle on where all the Company IP was, ensured appropriate security, cut license and infrastructure costs, and here we go again. Another Software Configuration Management system was growing like a weed in my carefully tended, walled garden. Initially, I just couldn’t reconcile the nature of a distributed version control system such as Git, Mercurial, Bazaar etc. with the corporate …

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TeamForge For The Masses

Engineers are typically from the ‘seeing is believing’ school and we’re no exception here at CollabNet. We’ve been watching our popular Subversion Edge product establish an irrefutable trend over the last few months – a staggering 90%+ of our Edge installs are running on Windows. We believe with a passion that our Edge users will love our TeamForge development platform and with this in mind this week we released a free version of TeamForge on Windows that is just dead easy to install and dead easy to plug your Edge into. As I’ve joked with my team here at CollabNet, ‘it’s so easy even I can do it!’. …

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Exciting CollabNet TeamForge Enhancements with 5.4

Discover the new great features in this CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 release!