Our Perspective on DevOps – UC4 Guest Blog Post

DevOps and ALM with TeamForge and UC4

This is a guest blog post by Wesley Pullen, VP of Global ARA Technologies at UC4. UC4 Software is the world’s largest, independent IT Process Automation software company for organizations facing increasingly dynamic applications and infrastructure, and those migrating to next generation service models for cloud, DevOps, and big data. Throwing Software Over the Wall We used to throw software over the wall. It’s just the way things were. You developed your application, tested it a few times and once its ready for production you “threw it over the wall” and let the Ops guys worry about it. Production environments were …

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CollabNet Partnering with PaaS Leaders for Development and Deployment of Apps in the Cloud

CollabNet is proud and pleased to work with many of the innovators in the emerging cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market. Our friends at VMware Cloud Foundry just celebrated a one-year anniversary that marks significant growth and momentum for the entire space. SOASTA is another key cloud partner that is experiencing super growth as well. With a growing ecosystem of cloud development platforms to choose from and “mix-and-match,” it’s clear that developers and enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud to build and deploy software that meets the needs of customers. What we love about this space is the collaborative nature and …

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Secure Shell (SSH) Deploy with Publisher

 You’ve been asking for it, and today we have responded by adding to Codesion Publisher (our deployment engine), the ability to configure a deployment target (remote host) with tunneled SSH password authentication. Previous to this you would need to configure an SSH key pair, and upload your SSH private key to us. So if the host you’re deploying your code to supports tunneled SSH auth, you just need to enter your username and password, and your up and running. Happy deploying!

Code, Test and Deploy in the Cloud

The benefits of using cloud-based software development services are pretty clear these days. You can be up and running near instantaneously with a rich framework of tools at your disposal for relatively little cost compared to setting up and maintaining these systems in-house. Using cloud-based developer tools allows you to focus on your core product, without the headache and constant distraction of maintaining non-core services. Here I’ll give you a step-by-step rundown on how to set up a solid Agile process for coding, testing, and deploying via the cloud. There are three basic concepts I’ll cover: SCM (source control management) …

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Parallel (“Multi-node”) Publishing Now Available

Codesion Publisher now offers parallel publishing to multiple servers for Professional Edition plans. You can now add additional hosts / servers as part of your SSH configuration: When you publish, Codesion Publisher will, in parallel, publish your content to multiple servers at the same time.  For Professional Edition plans, you can add up to a total of 5 servers for parallel publishing. Click on the “+” button to add more servers.  Clicking on “X” will remove the server from the list.  We assume that all servers will be using the same SSH credentials, including the private key.

Webinar: Expert Insights to Deploying in the Cloud

We recently hosted a webinar with Joyent entitled “The Silver Lining to the Cloud – develop and deploy applications with speed, simplicity and security.” It was a great discussion on agile development with Laurel Reitman, VP Product at Joyent and Willie Wang, VP Product at Codesion. Key Highlights: Developers don’t have to become system administrators to effectively deploy in the cloud Vendor lockin isn’t an issue as compared to in-house solutions because SaaS providers like Codesion and Joyent make portability easy through open standards and open source projects Many developers still aren’t practicing agile development because the tools traditionally available …

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Coding in the Cloud Just Got Easier with One-Click Deploy to Joyent

Today we announced our partnership with Joyent, provider of smart cloud computing solutions, to provide end-to-end automation of the application development and deployment process. Joyent helps web and SaaS companies host and scale their mission-critical applications (for example, check out this cool video about LinkedIn). “Codesion’s new push-button publishing feature makes it faster and easier for our customers to collaborate, manage and deploy their apps directly to the Joyent cloud,” said David Young, CEO and founder of Joyent. “Coupled with Joyent’s scalable smart computing architectures, our partnership with Codesion allows for unmatched ease in developing and deploying the next generation of …

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Deploying Your Code via FTP, SCP or rsync over SSH

Every piece of code, content, or web page has a final destination where it is displayed or consumed.  In this series, I want to go through the simplest and easiest ways to publish your code to its destination, whether its hosted or cloud servers. I’ll stick to simple publishing scenarios like FTP or copying files in this article.  But, stay tuned for part two for advanced publishing methods that handle rollbacks and historical deployment tracking. Exporting your code or content Whether you are using SVN or Git, there are some steps you need to be aware of before you copy …

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