Enterprise CI As-A-Service with Jenkins

Continuous Integration is rapidly gaining adoption in large and small organizations alike.  However, while successfully implemented at the team-level, most organizations are struggling to scale CI across multiple teams or enterprise-wide. Frequently implemented as a dev process and not tied to the rest of the software development life cycle.  Resulting in shadow IT, silo’d processes and information, and ultimately a lack of real time visibility across all stakeholders. And even greater implications such as risk of IP loss due to lack of corporate governance controls (e.g., RBAC, security and traceability). In this 30 minute webinar you’ll hear how to scale …

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Enterprise Agility and CollabNet

I recently had the good fortune to get on the road for a few weeks and take a deep look into both the state of software delivery and the role CollabNet plays in the industry.  From recent meetings with our growing field sales force, to visits with global customers and partners in the U.S. and Asia, I am excited to see the alignment of our company strategy with actual market dynamics.  As a company that has always been agnostic to any tool or process, the reality of today’s software development environment is that it requires both flexibility and structure across …

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New Workshops! Achieving Enterprise Agility with CI, CD, and DevOps


Join CollabNet at one of our upcoming Live workshops coming to all major cities across the US. This CI, CD and DevOps workshop lays out Agile principles, engineering and management practices to enable rapid delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality using the most popular open source development tools with CollabNet TeamForge. With the adoption of Git/Gerrit, Subversion, Jenkins,Chef, Nexus and Artifactory, you are challenged with scaling agility across an enterprise interwoven with a complex heterogeneous mix of tools and processes.  How do you reign in all these disparate systems and scale your Agile successes, while allowing your teams the …

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Improving Quality through Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) has been practiced in the industry for the past few years where the code is built automatically and the tests are run against a specific build. CI provides early feedback with test results to the developers in a shorter timeframe so that the developers can fix the coding issue or at least rollback the code changes so that the code is always stable.  Therefore, using CI, one can perform a lightweight test whereby test results are published quickly, say, within 15 minutes.  The CI process is followed even in cases where detailed functional tests have to be …

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BED Time Stories – Sharing Gerrit, Jenkins and Eclipse Knowledge

BED - Berlin Expert Days

We had a really great time on BED – Berlin Expert Days last Thursday and Friday. The conference was very well attended – we heard about 700 participants – and the talks gave invaluable insights into what’s hot in Java, DevOps, NoSQL and everything related to it. Among many other things we learnt how SoundCloud scales (technically as well as organizationally, Ruby has already crossed its peak as new stuff is written in Scala), why Adam Bien typically removes 60 percent of production code on his gigs and how ImmobilienScout24 managed to establish a DevOps culture by encouraging every single …

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Agile India 2013 –Enterprise Agile Transformation Meets Agile Practices

Agile India 2013

Agile India 2013 took place on February 27 through March 2 in the IT hotspot of Bangalore, India. I attended both as a conference delegate and as a corporate sponsor, as CollabNet was one of the corporate sponsors of the event. There was a lot to like in this conference – it was well organized, there were great speakers, and I saw an engaged audience. The organizers split the conference into two sections – the first two days were focused on management aspects of Agile (“Management Agility”), and the second two days were focused on more technical aspects (“Technical Agility”). …

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DevOps at Scale: Preview of CollabNet Deploy with UC4

UC4 and CollabNet Webinar

When I first saw CollabNet Deploy with UC4, it was a preview given by CollabNet Engineering.  Having more than 10 years’ experience with the CollabNet ALM platform, I was most impressed by the dynamic and TeamForge compatible user interface designed by UC4. And this is the beta of the integration. Deployment is not just deployment to production, not just that last mile in operations.  There is deployment from a development perspective, deployment for continuous Integration, or into the testing environment. Every Jenkins build is a deployment.  At an Enterprise DevOps view, Deployment is to a series of different targets where …

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TeamForge Git /Gerrit Integration with Jenkins CI

Git / Gerrit Work Flow with Jenkins Continuous Integration

CollabNet TeamForge 6.2 onward integrates Git using Gerrit – an open source code review system designed around Git workflows. Gerrit has been in use at numerous open source projects like Android, Eclipse, OpenStack etc. and also catching up well at enterprises. Peer code review has many advantages, reducing if not completely eliminating possibilities of shipping ‘bad code’ by having more eyeballs looking at code changes. A peer code review process starts as soon as a developer is done with his/her change in code base and pushes it into a review system. Code review requires human effort and thus is more expensive. Hence, it is worth verifying whether changes compile, build and …

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Ten Best Practices for Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a practice, not a tool.  Implementing a successful CI practice within an organization requires discipline, particularly when your development environment contains a significant amount of complexity.  Much of what we talk about in our CI series is establishing discipline and best practices that become engrained in our processes.  Best practices are methods or techniques that consistently bring superior results.  Best practices evolve over time as new technology and techniques are introduced or improvements discovered. Here are 10 best practices for continuous integration that will be especially helpful for those new to CI or wanting to improve their …

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Crash Course! A Continuous Delivery Pipeline in 20 minutes


Join us on Tuesday October 9, 10-10:30am Pacific Time for an interactive webinar! As you know, the software release process can be painful, risky and time-consuming. Every change in your software needs to be captured, validated and integrated. Implementing a continuous delivery pipeline can dramatically improve this process and the quality of your releases by adding automation, repeatability and traceability. Attend this fast-paced webinar with demo to learn how to: Integrate popular OSS (open source software) and commercial tools for a delivery pipeline (Hudson, Jenkins, Chef Puppet) Orchestrate and track the pipeline end-to-end using TeamForge Install and drive apps from …

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