Subversion + Eclipse3.5 = Easy!

Read how easy it is to install support for Subversion in Eclipse 3.5.

Meeting the CollabNet Community

As the new Community Manager for CollabNet, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I come from a 10-year stint at Sun Microsystems, having worked in their Java forums, on, writing for, and as developer represenative in Second Life. In working with each of those communities, it was important for me to understand, communicate with, and represent the developer to the company every bit as much as representing the company to the community. The openCollabNet community is well-established and focused on great projects, such as Subversion and various integrations. I’ve been impressed with how the members of …

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Control at the Expense of Collaboration?

Amanda McPherson of the Linux Foundation penned an interesting post recently entitled ‘What’s Your Dunbar Number‘? She had a hypothesis that the tools of the ‘social feed’ could help us to be ‘close’ to a larger number of people, but that we have to work harder in some cases to connect with those individuals. It is interesting to me that I’ll probably never meet the majority of people I follow on Twitter, though I tend to be more selective on Facebook and LinkedIn. The use of Twitter as a ‘personal Zietgiest’ (cool description by Amanda) is fascinating to me, and …

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Does all 'Collaboration' Have to be Face-to-Face?

Eugenia Loli-Queru just wrote an interesting blog post on why Linux will never be as good as OS X from a desktop user experience perspective. I’m not 100% sure I agree with her (even though I’m a Mac user), but I certainly see her point. However, she lost me when she made the somewhat overarching claim that Open Source projects cannot be effective unless everyone is ‘on the same campus’. I consider Eugenia a friend, and I know she was specifically referring to the desktop experience in this case, but her point about face-to-face collaboration being necessary for success needs …

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