How GitHub is Impeding Enterprise Git Adoption


Over 3,000 corporate email addresses compromised. Private SSH keys and passwords publicly disclosed. Major systems outages every few weeks (here and here and here). No, those are not the news from some dubious shopping site. But from a site supposed to manage intellectual property (IP), in form of software code. As Gartner points out, enterprises already ‘speak of being uncomfortable with what is perceived as a larger possibility for loss of source code’ when it comes to Git. Certainly headlines like the ones above are not helpful, when it comes to building trust for Git with decision makers. And while …

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): Bridging Boundaries

Application Lifecycle Management ALM CollabNet TeamForge

The key to a successful software company is its ability to satisfy customer needs, through the delivery of innovative and timely software solutions — this ease of workflow, can give the customer the competitive advantage. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides such solutions by addressing the overall alignment and synchronization of business goals and IT investment priorities.  ALM relies on automation, integration and a coordinated approach to optimize the software development process and make the process seemless. To maintain quality, organizations follow defined processes like planning, designing, developing/configuring, testing, deploying, operating, and optimizing business applications to improve lifecycle collaboration and software development …

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Collaboration in the Cloud

In a recent interview our VP/GM, Guy Marion (@guy_marion), spoke with IT Business Edge blogger, Arthur Cole,  on the collaborative nature of the cloud.  The flexibility and agility that the cloud provides plus the desire (I would go as far as saying ‘need’) to adopt collaboration and social networking work processes that we have all become to depend on in our personal lives, is driving more enterprises and development teams to push services and infrastructure to the cloud.  This however does not come without challenges to the enterprise though (Security, compliance, visibility etc) Read the full interview here and what Guy has to say on “Collaboration …

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Industrializing Agile Software Delivery with ALM2.0+ (Join CollabNet for Webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc., and Deutsche Post!)

Attend this session and hear:
– Why ALM 2.0+ is vital for implementing Agile software delivery and DevOps on enterprise scale, and how it’s different from traditional ALM approaches
– How CollabNet’s latest TeamForge platform enables central governance, without mandating end-user tools or repositories or locking customers into rigid software configurations
– What key factors contributed to Deutsche Post realizing 30% faster time to market and saving over 20% in IT operations cost, across 800 diverse projects

Salespeople are from Mars – Consultants are from Venus

I hope that title caught your eye because it is a great jumping off point for something that has become readily apparent to me in the last several years of my career. Now that I’m in a consulting role (services) as opposed to previous internal development roles, I’ve begun to get a new appreciation for just how different the sales and services/consulting camps are. In addition, I’ve seen how Dr. John Gray’s provocative metaphor, first brought to light in his book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,’ also applies to what many perceive are diametrically opposed groups in …

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Remove Barriers and Empower Developers with Cloud Computing

There is some confusion over how Agile works into application lifecycle management (ALM), and how all this can be done in the cloud. To make sense of all this for you, we have two treats.First, is the video of Bill Portelli’s recent keynote, explaining Agile ALM for in the Cloud. Second is a webinar we are really excited about and how you’ll join us in.

Go Green, Go Remote – But How?

No matter what your opinion is on global warming, it’s clear that we need to get off our dependencies on fossil fuels. Everyone needs to put forth effort to go green, including companies and how they manage the employee work processes. Over the years I have commuted long hours and I have worked remotely. Working remotely has obvious green benefits by saving on gas and emissions, providing more hours in the day that are not devoted to cursing out other drivers, and lends to a better personal balance of home and career. Yet, in talking to folks in various online …

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The Open Source Community Model & CollabNet Platform for Non-Developers

This weekend I attended the Community Leadership Summit in San Jose. Before it even started, I had an interesting discussion with Jack Repenning and a man who was investigating various community models for a homeschooling organization he's working for. As we talked about the needs of the parents of homeschoolers, I realized how much they had in common with open source community members: They are joiners and have need of connecting with other parents like themselves They do not want an overt governing body controlling the way the community interacts They have need of shared resources and discussions They want …

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Changed handling of output of pre-lock hook in SVN 1.6

One of our customers reported a funny issue with the pre-lock.bat hook script. Yes, when he used Subversion Server on Windows system. The customer is using a custom pre-lock.bat script to explicitly lock the file before every commit.

Collaborating on Community with Community

For two days last week myself and the other CollabNet community managers brainstormed ideas, shared experiences, and drove direction for an Enterprise Community "Cookbook". Over the course of time, it has come to the managers attention that written processes were needed, problems shared, and solutions derived and pulled together into a single resource area, not just for ourselves but the community at large. Communities should, after all, be based on collaboration to be successful and healthy. No single person can accomplish this, nor should they. At CollabNet, collaboration has been its theme and foundation from its inception, so it only …

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