You ask, you get…CloudForge has Alerts!


Hey everyone, I’m Bhavin Raval, Product Owner of  Once CloudForge was made generally available to the public, our first priority was to listen and respond to the feedback our customers inputted into the “How can we make it better for you?” text-boxes available at the bottom of every page within the CloudForge application.  I would like to take this moment to say how important your feedback is to us and that we take each one very seriously.  Thanks to our active customer base, we have implemented some great features to our new platform.  I will periodically blog  as we …

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New Feature Highlights – The CloudForge Control Panel

With the release of CloudForge, there are several new features available to simplify project administration and increase efficiency; features such as email invitations, project search, multi-service provisioning, and the Control Panel. Today I wanted to talk about CloudForge’s new Control Panel. Residing near the top of CloudForge’s Dashboard, the control panel is one of the first things you see when you log into CloudForge. In fact, once you have familiarized yourself with CloudForge via the Startup Guide and checked your usage quotas you can hide those elements, giving the Control Panel center stage on your Dashboard; exactly where it belongs. …

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Deconstructing a Branch with Git – Part 1 of 5

Everyone knows — it’s a basic Best Practice! — that you should do parallel development on parallel branches, not cascaded branches: base them both on trunk or master or whatever your favorite version control system calls it. Don’t branch one off the other, lest plans change, release schedules diverge, and you suddenly have to disentangle them. Right? You knew that. I knew that. Everyone knows that. You know where this is going. <Insert favorite snarky gallows-humor quip> The Problem — With Pictures During development of our new CloudForge product, we also developed an API for our partners to use to …

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Overview of CloudForge (Video)

This video is an Overview of the CloudForge development Platform as a Service. Watch this video to get a quick overview and guidance on the best way to get started using CloudForge

Codesion is Now CloudForge

Today, after beta-testing since April, we are delighted to release CloudForge, CollabNet’s new development Platform as a Service (dPaaS)., our cloud hosting platform, will now redirect to Soon, we will be retire the legacy application itself, so that existing customers can enjoy the power and ease of use of CloudForge. In the mean time, Codesion customers can manage your projects and accounts from either Codesion or CloudForge. CloudForge brings you control and a consumer-like user experience. Development and ops teams alike can easily migrate projects and data to the cloud, and deploy to your PaaS or datacenter. …

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Walk-through: Connecting Eclipse to TeamForge Project

Hi, Folks. Today I thought I would walk through the necessary steps to configure the CollabNet Desktop Client for Eclipse and connect it to a TeamForge Project running on CloudForge. This blog post should apply to Eclipse and other tools written on the Eclipse platform. I’m using the “Indigo” 64-bit build of Eclipse on OS-X but I have followed the same steps with similar success with VMWare’s SpringSource on OS-X and Eclipse on Windows 7. I’ll assume you have a working copy of Eclipse for this walk-through and a passable knowledge of how to use it. To complement its incredible …

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Announcing CloudForge – CollabNet’s new development PaaS

It’s Monday April 30 here in San Francisco, and we have officially just launched CloudForge in Public Beta- CollabNet’s new development Platform as a Service (dPaaS). This is something we’ve been hard at work on since early-2011, so we’re glad to finally be in production. Our History & Philosophy Since the early 2000s, we at CollabNet have envisioned that developing software in and for the cloud would be the mainstream way of working. Today, mobile, web, collaboration, and social apps have exploded, and PaaS/IaaS vendors like Amazon, CloudFoundry, and are now first-class citizens alongside Enterprise IT. Agile development organizations …

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CloudForge is Live

We have just deployed CloudForge to the Public.  Try it Out

Codesion Integrates with Zendesk!

Based on feedback from our customers we are happy to announce the integration between our enterprise-grade, cloud development platform and Zendesk, a popular help desk solution. Teams looking to automatically link work done by their development teams to customer issues are now able to complete this workflow. In fact, developers can even close (“Solve”) multiple tickets directly with a single code change. Using Codesion’s commit message syntax a developer can link code commits to Zendesk tickets and automatically solve the ticket; all without having to change anything in your Zendesk account, your repository, or your cloud development platform client. Any …

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Enterprise Cloud Development: Beyond Shadow IT

Hosted version control providers have been around as long as Subversion and Git. CollabNet released the first version of Subversion in 2000 while Git first appeared in 2005. CollabNet’s Codesion (nee CVSDude) started out as a server in a bedroom in 2002 and weren’t the first or only kids on the block. Today, a quick Google search for “hosted version control” yields over 29 million results. Obviously, there aren’t 29 million providers out there but it is a topic of much discussion and debate.   To date, most of the users of cloud-based version control have had little or no …

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