Git for the Enterprise: Promises and Pitfalls Webinar Q&A

On April 4th, I presented the webinar, “Git for the Enterprise – Promises and Pitfalls.” In the session, I talked about how CollabNet TeamForge remedies concerns for enterprises looking to adopt Git, the leading distributed version control system. Specifically, I covered: Why Git is vital for Enterprise Cloud Development strategies What the top Git adoption challenges are for enterprises How CollabNet TeamForge enterprise-readies Git During the webinar, we encouraged our attendees to interact with us by participating in polls and by entering questions for the live Q&A session that we had at the end of the presentation. As a result, …

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Cloudbees introduces Subversion, Git plus other best of breed development and Agile Tools with CollabNet

CollabNet is excited to join the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem. This partnership brings to developers a comprehensive development experience in the cloud, improving productivity of distributed development teams via the introduction of CollabNet’s Cloud Services Platform, Codesion, to the CloudBees Platform. With Codesion, developers using the CloudBees Platform can now instantly provision Subversion and Git code repositories online, track and manage bugs, and make use of the broad range of popular Agile development tools. Who are CollabNet and Codesion? CollabNet is the recognized leader in enterprise cloud development and Agile ALM, with more than 7,000 global customers that range from single …

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Continuously Innovate Software Delivery with CollabNet Connect

Thank you to everyone who pre-registered for the on demand webinar, “Continuously Innovate Software Delivery with CollabNet Connect,” that I co-presented with Raja Venkataraman, Technical Architect, CollabNet. In the session, we talked about what CollabNet Connect is all about and shared practical examples of TeamForge integrating with Atlassian JIRA and we went over how you can build your own integrations. Below is the Q&A.

Notes from the First Jenkins User Conference

Today (Oct. 2nd), the first Jenkins User Conference happened in San Francisco. Despite a gorgeous sunny Sunday in the city, I made my way to the Marines’ Memorial Hotel, shortly before 9am. And, I was in good company: There was a good crowd already checked in, and per organizers they had over 400 registrations. Certainly the event was well timed, with two major conferences in town attracting like-minded people (Oracle Open World, and Java One); nevertheless this was quite an impressive show of force. A presentation by Kohsuke Kawaguchi kicked off the event, providing a quick overview of Jenkins history, …

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20 Questions with Bill Portelli interview

MGI Research just published a detailed interview with CollabNet’s president, Bill Portelli. In this interview, Bill discusses his views on industry mega-trends like Agile and the Cloud, and how CollabNet is responding. The interview is available at

Virtual Lab and Cloud Management

Since the release of Lab Management 2.3 it is now possible to install CollabNet Lab Management on a virtual machine. You may wonder why this is a big deal? Combine virtual Lab Management (manager) with a VMware vSphere cluster  and a resource pool. And you have the following benefits: 1. Project teams or geographies can have their own Lab Management (manager) that they can control and have access to all the administrative features. They decided how to allocate system resources amongst their projects. 2. By using a common vSphere (ESX/ESXi) cluster and a resource pool per Lab Management, each project …

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The Economics of cloud computing

In my spare time I like to study subjects other that information technology or the latest computing trends for example economics – yes I lead an exciting life 🙂 In this blog I going to apply some of the principles of Economic theory to the current trend of cloud computing and why organizations should be planning a cloud strategy. A key concept of economic is the scarcity of resources (people + capital) used in the production goods and services and the economic decision on how those resources should be used. The term that is frequently used is “opportunity cost”. In …

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Mastering Enterprise Build Management – The Beginning

One of my current projects is to architect an enterprise wide build management environment that is built upon CollabNet’s technologies that include TeamForge and Lab Management. A good deal of the architecture is centered on automation and how to scale a build environment to potentially hundreds and thousands of users. “So the question is: How do we provide a build management service based on an open standard stack to potentially thousands of users. Provide maximum value and productivity to our user base versus control, consistency that has a dynamic under tone so that capacity can be increase when the business …

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Agile Development Practices East – Build and Test in the Cloud

As promised here is the presentation I delivered for ADP East in Orlando. Download BuildandTest_ADP-East-Final

Is there such a thing as a “Software development centric cloud” ?

So what does the world of IT as Service and software development look like when they collide? So there are some obvious synergies. Software development over the many years has been moving to a model to deliver business value quicker in an ever expedited world of business where requirements change at a fast pace and hence Agile, Scrum, XP and LEAN etc. have gained popularity Cloud computing, the promise and the tool I believe can deliver some of that Here is some of what I think Cloud