Our Perspective on DevOps – UC4 Guest Blog Post

DevOps and ALM with TeamForge and UC4

This is a guest blog post by Wesley Pullen, VP of Global ARA Technologies at UC4. UC4 Software is the world’s largest, independent IT Process Automation software company for organizations facing increasingly dynamic applications and infrastructure, and those migrating to next generation service models for cloud, DevOps, and big data. Throwing Software Over the Wall We used to throw software over the wall. It’s just the way things were. You developed your application, tested it a few times and once its ready for production you “threw it over the wall” and let the Ops guys worry about it. Production environments were …

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Taking DevOps into the Enterprise with UC4

These are exciting times at CollabNet. With our long-standing commitment to help customers organize and manage the people, processes and resources needed to build better software faster, we continue to play an important role in advancing the modernization of the software industry. From the adoption of open source tools and Agile-based practices, to enabling cloud development in the enterprise, CollabNet is always willing to make big moves that help drive industry innovation. Today, I am pleased to announce the latest significant “move” by our company – a strategic partnership with the leader in IT Process Automation, UC4. Together with UC4, …

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Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge Webinar Q&A

On July 27th, we conducted the webinar, “Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge”. In the session, we outlined Git advantages and challenges when deployed in the enterprise. We also demonstrated how TeamForge with Gerrit lets you implement a hybrid (Subversion and Git) SCM model. In particular, we covered: Significance of Git for Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) Top Git enterprise benefits and challenges Solutions for enterprise-grade Git deployments Introduction (and demos) of TeamForge with Gerrit Hybrid SCM deployment options (Subversion and Git) During the webinar, we encouraged the participants to interact with us through polls and live Q&A. We received many …

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TeamForge Release 6.2 Webinar Q&A

On June 26th, I presented the webinar, “TeamForge Release 6.2 – What’s New,” In the session, I talked about how TeamForge 6.2 can help you increase developer productivity, drive transparency and ensure compliance. I also did live demos of the new features and explained the functionality. We also had an engaging Q&A session where I referenced resources and in some cases, next steps on how to get started or get going with TeamForge so I thought it would be helpful to post the Q&A as a follow-up and thank you to those who joined me. If you missed the session …

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TeamForge 6.1.1 Now on Windows

Good news – the latest TeamForge release now is available on the Windows platform. Effective immediately, you can download TeamForge 6.1.1 directly from our website. TeamForge 6.1.1 ships with a brand-new, wizard-driven installer. You have the options to install TeamForge from scratch, or to upgrade from earlier TeamForge releases. You also have the option to migrate your Subversion Edge instance to TeamForge. Award-winning ALM with TeamForge 6.1.1 TeamForge 6.1.1 was initially released for Linux and VMware platforms, back in December 2011. This updated platform has been very popular since, and won multiple industry awards. For example, TeamForge emerged as clear …

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CollabNet Partnering with PaaS Leaders for Development and Deployment of Apps in the Cloud

CollabNet is proud and pleased to work with many of the innovators in the emerging cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market. Our friends at VMware Cloud Foundry just celebrated a one-year anniversary that marks significant growth and momentum for the entire space. SOASTA is another key cloud partner that is experiencing super growth as well. With a growing ecosystem of cloud development platforms to choose from and “mix-and-match,” it’s clear that developers and enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud to build and deploy software that meets the needs of customers. What we love about this space is the collaborative nature and …

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Git for the Enterprise – Promises and Pitfalls

I’ve changed my mind. A couple of years ago, I was spending a lot of my day trying to eradicate Git from my environment. It was springing up all over the place. It seemed like I’d only just finished getting a handle on where all the Company IP was, ensured appropriate security, cut license and infrastructure costs, and here we go again. Another Software Configuration Management system was growing like a weed in my carefully tended, walled garden. Initially, I just couldn’t reconcile the nature of a distributed version control system such as Git, Mercurial, Bazaar etc. with the corporate …

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Industrializing Agile Software Delivery with ALM2.0+ (Join CollabNet for Webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc., and Deutsche Post!)

Attend this session and hear:
– Why ALM 2.0+ is vital for implementing Agile software delivery and DevOps on enterprise scale, and how it’s different from traditional ALM approaches
– How CollabNet’s latest TeamForge platform enables central governance, without mandating end-user tools or repositories or locking customers into rigid software configurations
– What key factors contributed to Deutsche Post realizing 30% faster time to market and saving over 20% in IT operations cost, across 800 diverse projects

TeamForge 6.1 has arrived

Few days ago, CollabNet started shipping the newest release of our flagship product, TeamForge 6.1.  Don’t be fooled by the “.1” release name – this is actually a major release for CollabNet, and even more so for our customers. Loaded with new features, TeamForge 6.1 was engineered with the “enterprise customer” in mind. Our goal was simple: Enable companies to effectively scale Agile and hybrid development practices across (and beyond) their organizations, and (as a result) deliver great software to their business, faster. Adoption of Agile is growing at a solid speed. A live survey conducted in our recent TechRepublic Webcast showed that 26% of practitioners already have adopted Agile (or a …

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TeamForge For The Masses

Engineers are typically from the ‘seeing is believing’ school and we’re no exception here at CollabNet. We’ve been watching our popular Subversion Edge product establish an irrefutable trend over the last few months – a staggering 90%+ of our Edge installs are running on Windows. We believe with a passion that our Edge users will love our TeamForge development platform and with this in mind this week we released a free version of TeamForge on Windows that is just dead easy to install and dead easy to plug your Edge into. As I’ve joked with my team here at CollabNet, ‘it’s so easy even I can do it!’. …

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