TeamForge 8.0 is here!

This week CollabNet announced TeamForge 8.0 release, and we are very excited about it!  This is the first release in our 8.x series and a very important milestone for us. The 8.0 provides new levels of visibility, reporting and planning for increasingly complex software development processes in enterprise organizations. 

TeamForge 8.0 is already available, and you can download an evaluation copy by visiting:

So what are we so excited about? The 8.0 is packed with innovations! Here here are just a few highlights:

  • Most importantly, TeamForge 8.0 has a brand new user interface, with a more modern look and feel. It is well suited for viewing on tablets and laptops alike and provides superior user experience on state-of-the-art user devices with high pixels density. 

  • Another important innovation is a new concept of Project Teams. Distributed Agile projects typically have teams of project members working across numerous geographical locations. Getting a Team’s view of releases and iterations is important. The ProjectTeams feature in TeamForge 8.0 introduces the capability to view teams in the context of the project and the teams’ daily activities – backlogs, releases and sprints.

  • We also introduced a whole new way to create, manage and embed saved reports within project dashboards using our Unified Reporting, all in one convenient place. The 8.0 simplified report management and combines modern dashboard capabilities with powerful report creation and management wizards. We also can give you a very focused contextual view of various activities of interest.

  • A new Event Data Store is another important innovation. It is a component that captures and houses trend and association information across your entire tool chain, all accessible via public REST-like API. We also offer you Trend Reports, based on events such as Build, Code Review, Work Item, Commits, and even your own events from custom data sources. All these reports are accessible from the Reporting Dashboard.

  • We also made many improvements in the area of Enterprise Git Management. TeamForge is the only ALM platform on the market for managing both Git and Subversion using the same user access model. TeamForge enforces the “least privilege access” principle for both Git and Subversion code repositories, so that you don’t have to worry about unauthorized intellectual property access! The 8.0 release raises the bar for Enterprise Git even higher by adding full Role-based Access Control (RBAC) for Git at site, project, repository, and branch levels. Controls extend to “all-users” in the enterprise, as well as guests and even anonymous users. Because TeamForge comes with an embedded complimentary Git server (Gerrit), our integration with it is seamless – you can access your Gerrit reviews in the context of the TeamForge projects.

  • We are happy to introduce out-of-box support for Binary Repository Management. TeamForge provides visibility and traceability of artifacts across the entire application lifecycle, from requirements to production. By integrating with Nexus out-of-the-box, we extended the traceability to include binary artifacts and to seamlessly access and manage multiple Nexus repositories from within TeamForge projects!  In addition to the integration with Nexus, and we can also easily integrate with any binary repository of your choice.

The above list of features is just a few examples, there is much more in 8.0 than a single blog can cover. You can learn more by downloading “What is new in TeamForge 8.0?” document.

We are also holding a series of webinars, so you can also learn more about TeamForge 8.0 by attending one of them in your time zone:

Wednesday, 2/25 Sydney: Register

Thursday, 2/26 US: Register

Thursday, 2/26 UK: Register

Friday, 2/27 India: Register

Tuesday, 3/3 US: Register


Sophia is currently the Senior Manager of Product Marketing for CollabNet with expert-level knowledge in the areas of systems management, security, and identity management.

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  1. Prakash Kalaiarasu says:

    Please let me know the link for recorded webinar for Teamforge 8.0 demo.


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