Subversion – Product of the Year

A few weeks back I asked in this blog that readers nominate (and later vote for) Subversion in the product of the year award. Big thanks to everybody who followed up: Subversion won the “ Product of the Year 2008” award in the “Open Source Tool” category.

Here is a comment that one of the people who voted for Subversion made: “Ease of use, the ability to support distributed teams without any administration headaches, and enterprise-class scalability have made Subversion the preferred solution for many distributed projects.”

Well, I can certainly agree with that. Subversion continues to prove its strengths as the software configuration management solution of choice for teams of many sizes, and specially those that are distributed over different locations. At CollabNet we see daily how users of Subversion successfully manage SCM for their distributed teams, whether they use Subversion stand-alone or as part of one of our enterprise platforms, such as SourceForge Enterprise Edition.

Congratulations to the open source development team and everybody involved with Subversion.

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One comment on “Subversion – Product of the Year
  1. djo.mos says:

    Well Earned ! How can I not agree when my team and I are using Subversion in a daily basis.
    Congratulations for Subversion !

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