Subversion JIRA ticket integration now live

Furthering our platform integration services, today we have released our JIRA (beta) ticket integration feature. This allows you to enter in keywords into the Subversion (Git integration coming soon) commit log message. Our system then interprets this syntax and auto-updates the relevant ticket in the ticketing / bug tracking system you’ve chosen to connect your repository to. You can learn more about our Ticket Integration syntax here.

To enable JIRA ticket integration with Codesion, you must be on at least our Professional Edition plan, and have JIRA installed.

Step 1:

Sign into your Codesion account, click on Projects -> select your project. Make sure you are signing in with an account with administrator rights.

Step 2:

Click on “New” under the services heading and add JIRA, then click OK.

Step 3:

Enter your JIRA settings, by clicking on JIRA Settings under your new JIRA service.

…now enter your JIRA username, password, hostname, and remote project name.

Step 4:

Make sure you open your firewall (port 443 / HTTPS) so our servers can talk to your JIRA server.

You can optionally setup the JIRA weblink feature. Check out step 3 in this article. Doing so will allow you to click on a commit message from within JIRA, liking you to our SVN repository browser where you can view more details of the commit.

For further details, check out our Jira integration guide.

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