Subversion integration and Rally Software

The rise and success of the popular SaaS Agile suite from Rally Software has seen much Codesion customers request some form of integration with Rally’s product. We’ve responded by extending our commit integration system to work with Rally. This feature is now currently live (in beta) for our Professional Edition customers.

The Codesion Rally integration takes the check-in or commit message and updates the Rally artifact’s discussion with a list of files affected and optionally updates the state of the Rally artifact.

A quick run down on how to set this up.

1. You’ll need to be on our Professional Edition plan. Once your signed up, login into your Codesion account and click on Projects -> select your project (or create a new one), then click on “New” under the services heading. Then check the Rally service and click OK. You’ll then see the Rally service appear under the “Services” heading.

2. Then, click on “Settings” and enter in your Rally username and password and URL (i.e.,, and your good to go.

3. Now, for example if you want to update task in Rally enter the following into your next Subversion (or CVS) commit log message.

> svn commit -m "fug bixen [t:TA1]" README 

You can also update defects or user stories by replacing TA with DE or US.

This will automatically update Task 1 in your Rally project with the comment “fug bixen”.

Check out more on our commit integration system.

Watch our youtube video here:

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