Subversion Edge is Rocking – 77% User Adoption!

Recently, I’ve been asked by more than a few analysts, press, and business partners about the adoption of Subversion Edge, which we released earlier this year.  The simple answer is terrific!  One great thing about Subversion Edge is that users can still opt for the lightweight certified Subversion binaries across a variety of platforms – or instead can also install the certified Edge software stack containing the latest versions of Subversion®, Apache, and ViewVC combined with i) a single installer, ii) already  configured to work together, and iii) fronted by a powerful and secure Web-based console.  The benefits of this full installation is that is provides simple installation, administration, security, and governance of a user’s Subversion environment. 

The proof of the adoption of Edge is in the pudding.  As some of you might know, CollabNet serves up 10s of thousands of downloads a week of more than 200 Subversion clients, servers, and plug-ins to the user community.  Yesterday, we published a Subversion Edge update.  In less than 24 hours we have found that > 77% of the users who had downloaded Subversion Edge have already come back to install the update on the server.  77% in 24 hours is an amazingly high portion of active users and is an indicator of the actual user adoption Edge has achieved in such a short period of time.

As interesting, is the large uptick in community activity around openCollabNet – CollabNet’s user community.  For example, we’ve  seen a surge in our community openCollabNet registration as a result – with growth of  > 155,000 members just in this year alone and now topping out well over 600,000 members.  Following the new release of Subversion Edge, I was inspired to pull some example ‘spot’ data from openCollabNet.  This chart shows the number of monthly CollabNet Subversion Server/Edge discussion posts over for the year so far and for the same period last year.

Subversion chart

You can see that there has been a large 4X increase in ‘discussion’ activity since we launched Edge.  We think this sort of traffic is much higher quality than page hits or downloads as it represents people actually using our products.  Lastly, Subversion Edge is free and open source.  We’d love to have you join our development community.  If you’d like to do that, simply get started here.

Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli is Chairman of the Board and cofounder of CollabNet. Bill has been a business innovator in open source, globally distributed software development and on-demand provisioning since the late '90s. Bill's background includes 30+ years of experience in creating businesses and driving startups to rapid growth through to successful IPO and acquisition, as well as executive staff leadership in billion dollar companies. He has consistently conceived of and led teams to deliver client-enabling IT strategies, products and services in both the hardware and software industries. In recognition of his accomplishments as a leader in global software development, Bill was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the Technology Pioneer Award in 2010.

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