Subversion Configuration Management Workshop

Guest post by Bob Jenkins, Director of Subversion Services at CollabNet

Life’s easy when you’re a one person team working on a single project, but as your situation gets more complicated by teammates and multiple projects, you need to understand more about Subversion than just how to checkout and commit. For example,

  • How many repositories do I need and how should they be structured?
  • When should a branch be used versus just using a working copy for isolation?
  • How can I handle customer customizations?
  • How can I proactively be ready to answer questions about our release process?
  • How do I include outside consultants without letting them see too much?

As with any development tool, there are definite best practices that utilize the strongest functionality of that tool while avoiding its weaknesses. You can discover those things the hard way (trial and error), but that comes at a cost of time and productivity. Alternatively, we’re offering you a chance to skip the pain and go to the benefits of best practices.

Bob Jenkins, SubversionMy name is Bob Jenkins and I’m the Director of Subversion Services at CollabNet. I’ve been working with configuration management tools for more than 14 years focused on helping organizations and users like you successfully implement tools. I’ve specifically been focused on Subversion since the release of version 1.0 so I’ve assisted more than a hundred companies to maximize their use of Subversion over the last 6+ years. I’ve worked with teams of hundreds to teams that number only a handful. I’ve worked with development of web sites to third party development to internally used products to commercial projects. I’ve seen it used in more than a hundred organizations.

I’m leading a four hour online workshop focused on Subversion Configuration Management best practices. We’ll center our discussions on the most common aspects of configuration management – branching the code, promoting the project, and controlling access. Here’s your chance to get input on how to handle your complexities or be prepared for them when they come. We’ve only got 15 seats so register early. Talk to you on the third!

Subversion Configuration Change Management Workshop
Friday, December 3rd
9am – 12pm PDT (12pm – 4pm EDT)
Cost: $199

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Bob Jenkins

Bob Jenkins has spent over 17 years focused on application life-cycle tools. At CollabNet, Mr. Jenkins consults with enterprises that are planning to adopt Git or Subversion on how to apply best practices to their SCM processes. He aslo helps define the areas of investment by CollabNet in open source version control tools.

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