Subversion 1.5 Final Release Candidate Available

Simplify Apache™ Subversion® 1.5.0-rc7 was released today.  As with all the previous milestones, CollabNet  provides binaries for various operating systems for you to try the release.

This is expected to be the final release candidate and the official 1.5.0 release should happen in roughly 10 days if all goes well.  Bugs reported on this release candidate will likely be addressed in a 1.5.1 or other follow-up release.  Exceptions might be bugs that are considered serious regressions or API incompatibilities.

Fixes included since the last rc are fairly minor.  They were mostly documentation fixes in the code and some minor bug fixes.  Probably the most significant change was to the new API for including arbitrary revision properties in a commit.  During review of this API it was decided that there was a cleaner way to implement it, and so a change was made before the release became final.  Since it is a public API, once it is included in an official release we would have to support it until the 2.0 release, and this was deemed significant enough to get it in before the release is public.  This API change also led to a number of corresponding changes in the JavaHL API and the other language bindings.

As with the previous release candidates, we appreciate your testing and feedback.  A number of bug fixes have been made since the 1.5.x branch was created that came from users who tested these early releases.


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Mark Phippard

Engineering manager for several teams at CollabNet, including CloudForge, Subversion, Subversion Edge, Git and our Desktops and Integrations. Project owner for the Subclipse project, which provides Subversion support in Eclipse. Also a full committer for the Subversion project. Product owner for GitEye, Subversion Edge and the CollabNet Desktops and Integrations.

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One comment on “Subversion 1.5 Final Release Candidate Available
  1. It looks like an RC8 is coming out soon. Just as the RC7 was being announced this AM, an API-compatibility bug that had been in the code for a while was reported. It is a trivial, but necessary, fix. We are putting out the RC8 but do not plan to alter the final release date.
    I will update the binaries on CollabNet when it is officially out, but probably will not bother with a new blog post. I believe the bug could only effect people that write to the API directly. Subversion’s command line does not use the API in the way the compatibility was broken. See

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