Subversion 1.5 – Release Candidate 9 Available

Binaries of Subversion 1.5 – Release Candidate 9 are posted. As I wrote last week, this Release Candidate does not reset the soak period. An API issue was already discovered in RC9 and RC10 will likely come later this week. RC10 won’t reset the soak period either, so we are still looking at a likely Subversion 1.5 release next week. As always: unless a showstopper is found.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know the drill: please download the binaries and test the latest Subversion 1.5 Release Candidate. You can ask questions and report issues in our forum.


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3 comments on “Subversion 1.5 – Release Candidate 9 Available
  1. To clarify one thing, because I think people could read it differently. The last few RC’s are not addressing regressions caused by the previous RC’s. For example, the most recent API compatibility issue has been in the code base since last November. As we are getting closer to the final release, the number of testers is going up dramatically. These API bugs do not impact the Subversion command line or most clients. But Subversion is meant to be a library and takes API compatibility seriously. Making another RC with a 1 or 2 line fix is not very costly and helps give a smoother release for people doing custom coding with the Subversion libraries. We considered just fixing this most recent bug in 1.5.1, but ultimately decided it was better to do another RC.

  2. Gunnar says:

    Hey, any chance that there will be Ubuntu/Debian packages to try the RCs?

  3. Guido says:

    We provide the binaries only for the platforms that CollabNet Subversion is available for (our SVN distro), and Jeremy Whitlock adds Mac OS X to that. We don’t do Ubuntu/Debian but if aybody has those 1.5 pre-release binaries, I’d be happy to put them on openCollabNet for others to download.

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