Run svnserve as a Windows Service

If you are going to run
a Subversion server on Windows, you want it to run as a service. Doing so
allows you to ensure the server is started automatically when the server
reboots, and let’s face it, we have all had to reboot a Windows server once or
twice. Running as a service has other benefits though too. For example, you can see if the
service is running by using the Windows Management Console, even if you are working on a remote client. Likewise, you can stop and start the service from the console, again even if you are
working remotely. In addition, it is a lot easier to script the stop and start of the
server as part of your backup process; if that is something you want to do.

I recently wrote an article that was posted on openCollabNet that explains how to setup svnserve to run as a Windows service. This article describes how to do it using a new feature that was included in Subversion 1.4.

Mark Phippard

Engineering manager for several teams at CollabNet, including CloudForge, Subversion, Subversion Edge, Git and our Desktops and Integrations. Project owner for the Subclipse project, which provides Subversion support in Eclipse. Also a full committer for the Subversion project. Product owner for GitEye, Subversion Edge and the CollabNet Desktops and Integrations.

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