When Doing It All Just Isn’t Enough

With all the new features and power brought to Codesion by the TeamForge Project “whole enchilada,” we should probably just kick back and enjoy the accolades. But … nah! … where’s the fun in that?  Let’s make things even better.

Here’s a question: as a Codesion customer, how can I get some feel for how much value I’m really getting out of the service?

  • Say I’m running a business based on software developed with the Codesion tools. Are the tools making my developers more productive?
  • Or, say I’ve run some of my projects using Subversion for version control, and others using git. Can I find some way to compare the two tools and their use?

From our side of the Internet, we can’t see what your developers are doing when they’re not clicking our links or using our APIs, but we can see a lot of their interactions with our site. We can collect loads of statistics and reports, charts and lists, pies and bars and trend-lines. But where to start?

We already provide the list of recent commits in your version control system. Would you like to see historical commit patterns, perhaps broken down by project or user?

Commit History

Or, how about bandwidth comparisons, project by project?


What questions do you need answered? How can we help?

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