CollabNet Subversion 1.4.4 Update

As you probably know, Subversion 1.4.4 was recently released.  I wanted to let you know that the CollabNet Subversion team is hard at work putting together our packages for 1.4.4.  We will release them in a staged order: Linux first, Solaris second and Windows third.  Most of the time and effort in our release process is spent in QA and validation and the reason we do the Linux and Solaris packages first is that we can get those versions in the hands of our QA team the quickest.  Eventually, I plan on making the order Linux, Windows, Solaris, as there are more Windows than Solaris users who are seeking the packages.

The Linux package is in the final stage of our validation process and I expect it to be available on openCollabNet later this week.  The Solaris package should be available next week and Windows the following week.

It’s worth pointing out that the most significant fix in 1.4.4 is a potential (though very unlikely) repository corruption with BDB repositories.  Since CollabNet recommends FSFS and CollabNet Subversion comes pre-configured with that back-end, this BDB fix does not affect CollabNet Subversion users.


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Mark Phippard

Engineering manager for several teams at CollabNet, including CloudForge, Subversion, Subversion Edge, Git and our Desktops and Integrations. Project owner for the Subclipse project, which provides Subversion support in Eclipse. Also a full committer for the Subversion project. Product owner for GitEye, Subversion Edge and the CollabNet Desktops and Integrations.

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5 comments on “CollabNet Subversion 1.4.4 Update
  1. C. Michael Pilato says:

    Actually, Mark, the directory property bugfix was necessary for both the BDB and FSFS backends. It does, therefore, affect CollabNet Subversion users. The bug, when triggered in either backend, results in data loss. But yes, only the BDB backend had the unfortunate further side-effect of repository corruption. And yes, the bug is extremely rare — it is only known to have occurred once, and thankfully did so in a repository entrusted to CollabNet’s care, as we were able to find the problem, repair the repository, and provide a fix to the open-source community in relatively short order.

  2. I tried to explain this in the original version of the post, but I could not figure out a way to word it cleanly and not make it sounds scary. So I decided to just focus on the corruption aspect of the BDB problem and leave it at that. Thanks for the comment, it helps complete the picture more accurately.
    For people reading this, the problem is very hard to trigger (regardless of repository back-end). There are no known instances of it ever happening to an fsfs repository and just the one occurrence for BDB with our CollabNet customer. Also, when Mike figured out and fixed this problem he wrote a test case that triggers it and added it to the Subversion test suite. So we can be certain this particular problem will not come back.

  3. CollabNet Subversion 1.4.4 for Red Hat Linux was posted today.

  4. The CollabNnet Subversion 1.4.4 binaries for Solaris were posted too.

  5. And today we posted the Windows version. TortoiseSVN was also updated to 1.4.4.

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