Changes made from Subversion 1.4.x to 1.5 – A command line point of view

Over the past months we blogged a lot about Subversion 1.5 and its new capabilities. People often ask: “Can you show us the changes from 1.4.x to 1.5 on the command line?”

I’ve created a PDF that answers this question by analyzing the built-in documentation of Subversion 1.5-dev and comparing it to the documentation of Subversion 1.4.x. The changes made to Subversion’s  subcommands reflect most of the new features. 

The results of my investigation are in the Merge Tracking Early Adopter Program (the SVN 1.5 beta). Look for the document titled: "Subversion 1.5 Command Line Changes". All new features of Subversion 1.5-dev are highlighted in blue (when necessary, limitations of the AS400 port are mentioned as well).

I’m currently working on a document that describes and compares all new, obsolete and unchanged switches of the Subversion 1.5-dev subcommands. Please tell me what you think about the command-line-comparison approach and whether I should provide you a comparison for svnadmin, svnlook, svndumpfilter and svnsync as well.

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7 comments on “Changes made from Subversion 1.4.x to 1.5 – A command line point of view
  1. Hyrum Wright says:

    Nice summary. It looks like you missed a few things, but that probably just means we ought to do a better job highlighting them in the client. For your (and your readers’) reference:
    * add, copy and move all now support the new –parents option, which has the same functionality as it does for mkdir.
    * blame and log now take the -g (–use-merge-history) option, allowing those commands to show information about the merge history of a path.
    Other than that, thanks for the succinct summary. I hadn’t realized so much has gone into 1.5!

  2. Johannes Nicolai says:

    Hi Hyrum,
    thanks for your feedback. Indeed I have not forgotten the –parent and -g options. This is part of a document, I have not published yet. It compares all the changes made in the switches of all svn subcommands. There, the –parents option and lots of other changes (I think more than 50) are documented. This document was only intended to compare the overall semantics of every subcommand, so I only compared svn help’s output for every subcommand skipping the switches at all.
    Only if a switch was explicitly mentioned in the general description, I included it into that document.

  3. You should probably drop the AS/400 stuff from the document. That port is not being maintained so 1.5 will not run on OS/400 anyway.

  4. Johannes Nicolai says:

    thanks for this hint. Should I also drop the AS400 specialities from my SVN cheat sheet (that contains all switches and the changes from SVN 1.4.x to 1.5)?

  5. As it stands today there will not be a port of Subversion 1.5 or beyond for OS/400, so yes I would remove the references. They just complicate the document for the reader.

  6. Jerry Weaver says:

    I am at a AS/400 shop running OS/400 that has several programmers working on the same project at the same time. I am desperate to find a product that will assist me in scource code control. Will Subversion do the job and if not, can you recommend anything?
    Jerry Weaver 2/21/08

  7. Johannes Nicolai says:

    Hi Jerry,
    there is a port of Subversion 1.4 to AS/400. This port is currently not officially maintained. If this is not a problem for you, go ahead.
    There is another possibility as well: SVNKit, the Java version, as a client on OS/400.
    Hope that helps a little bit

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