Building Open-Source Software Engineering Tools

Do you know about CollabNet’s Tigris.Org community?  The birth-place of Subversion and home of many Subversion client tools, Tigris also hosts the communities behind the popular UML design tool ArgoUML, the Perl style and correctness tool Perlcritic, the PHP object-relational database Lawngnome, the highly customizable bug tracker Scarab, process tools like ReadySET, and lots more.

Named for the great river Tigris, birthplace of civilizations and stories, the Tigris site provides fertile, well-watered soil for a new kind of community.

A Tigris project collects together the mail lists, wiki, bug tracking, document sharing and storage, and source code — a well-equipped and integrated site for an open-source community.

Membership in the Tigris community is completely free  — and  optional: you can browse around, view, and even download or check out most projects anonymously.  Projects are carefully selected for relevance to the Tigris Mission: Open-Source creation of Software Engineering Tools.

Come visit us:

If you’d like to host your project here, check out

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One comment on “Building Open-Source Software Engineering Tools
  1. Tigris community is really working on the way and producing the results that would be much better for us to have and it would be also provide the right softwares that are helpful for us and to keep concentrated.

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