Transitioning to Agile in Government


I’ve had a fascinating 5 years working in the Agile Business Line at Collabnet. When I started I worked in Technical Support, from there I moved into Technical Sales, and from there into Agile Training and Coaching with a twist. The twist is that nearly all of the work I do within the Agile industry is with people who are beyond that initial adoption stage. They typically understand what Agile really is and what the basics of practicing it are. This means that I have spent little time evangelizing Scrum and Agile to developers, and a lot of time working … LEARN MORE »

Transitioning to Agile: Complex Releases Q&A

webinar Q&A

Q: At what point does an agile user story become a task and what is the best way to balance informing the development team of the intended functionality versus telling the development team how to complete the functionality? The user story is broken down into multiple tasks, typically during the Sprint Planning Meeting, but increasingly I see this happening with the team on a per Backlog Item basis. If we are ever in a situation were we are telling the development team how to complete the functionality that might indicate that we are having some issues with roles. Based on … LEARN MORE »

Transitioning to Agile: Headlight Reporting Q&A


We had a great turnout for the first in our Transitioning to Agile Webinar series, and many questions came in that we were unable to answer. Below you will find my answers to the questions that we weren’t able to get to on during the Webinar. Q: Can Scrum succeed without XP engineering practices? Won’t the rate of progress drop to a crawl if you’re trying to deploy every two weeks without taking advantage of the XP practices related to quality and automation? Possibly, but I can’t imagine trying to practice Scrum without at least many XP practices. Scrum and … LEARN MORE »

Technical Debt Webinar – Q&A

Earlier this week, we ran a webinar entitled “Technical Debt – the High Cost of Future Change”. The topic was of course, technical debt in Agile projects. Although we left what we thought was ample time for questions, as it turned out there were many more than we had time for. So, as promised, we are posting the questions and our responses here. I hope these are helpful! (Note the answers below are not written by Michael James, the webinar presenter.) Q: I’ve found that when asked, people come up with a very ‘full’ definition of done, but in the … LEARN MORE »

Interview with Vinay Asthan, VETS, Inc. about being Agile and using ScrumWorks Pro in the Codesion Cloud

Today we are very pleased to share with you that ScrumWorks Pro (SWP) in the Codesion Cloud is no longer in beta and is now generally available and fully supported. (Read the Press Release here) Congratulations to the Codesion Engineering Dudes on another fine effort and display of brilliant engineering.  A big thanks to all the beta customers who provided some great testing and feedback to help us deliver SWP GA.  ScrumWorks Pro is now included in our Agile Business and Agile Enterprise plans or Try it FREE for 30 days. We are also really happy to share with you some … LEARN MORE »

A Marriage Made in Heaven: Agile and Project Portfolio Management

On October 27th, I co-presented the webinar, “A Marriage Made in Heaven: Agile and Project Portfolio Management,” with Russ King, Vice President, Product Development, Results Positive, Inc. and Caleb Brown, Systems Engineer at CollabNet. We explored the benefits of marrying Agile Project Management and PPM and we did a live demo showing this using HP’s PPM solution and CollabNet’s ScrumWorks Pro to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of managing a resource constrained project portfolio. Judging by the number of questions, the audience was clearly heavily engaged.  We had a 15 minute Q&A and did not come close to answering all of … LEARN MORE »

WEBINAR RECAP: Codesion ScrumWorks Pro Live Demo

Codesion kicked off this week with an “ScrumWorks Pro Live Demo” webinar hosted by our Sales Engineer, Caleb Brown. Caleb provided a concise overview of the tool followed by an in depth demo of the product features and functionality. No need to kick yourself for missing the opportunity to hear what ScrumWorks Pro has to offer because, Codesion will be hosting the same webinar live next Tuesday, October 4. Click here to register. Below are some great questions we received from this week’s webinar. Q: How do I show progress to my customer on major feature development(s)? A: Web Reports … LEARN MORE »

ScrumWorks Pro + Codesion = The Agile Cloud Platform

Today we are pleased to announce the Beta availability of ScrumWorks Pro – the popular Agile Project Management solution – delivered from CollabNet’s Codesion Cloud platform. Try it out! ScrumWorks Pro (SWP) is available to all Trial and Agile Business (formerly Professional Edition) customers. With the addition of SWP to the existing Codesion source code management and project management dev suite, we now have a well-rounded set of services that span from Subversion & Git source code management for personal projects, through to agile management applications used by thousands of small to mid-sized businesses. About ScrumWorks Pro  For months (even … LEARN MORE »

ScrumWorks 5 is available for download

I am happy to announce that ScrumWorks Pro 5 is available for download today. It’s been about eight months in the making and my team is excited to share what’s been keeping us busy.  Do you long for the day that the ScrumWorks Pro web client is better/faster/cooler? Then this release is for you. Feature Walk-through video “What’s New” release notes The features are described in the links above, but here’s a little more depth on this release: The ScrumWorks Pro 5 release brings a lot of new stuff to the web client. In fact, we focused most of our … LEARN MORE »

Become a Certified ScrumMaster (get 40% off)

Been thinking about getting certified as a ScrumMaster? Now’s your chance to do so! At CollabNet we’ve got more certified ScrumMasters than any other Scrum Alliance registered training facility (pretty cool, huh?!?) All of CollabNet’s Scrum public courses are conducted by Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers. CollabNet’s 7 CSTs are well known thought leaders in the Scrum community who speak regularly at industry conferences and contribute content to leading agile journals and publications. Check out the trainer bios and visit their blogs. The Certified ScrumMaster course is excellent for all software team members – not just the ScrumMaster! Product Owners, … LEARN MORE »

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