New Equity Partner for CollabNet = Faster Quality Software Delivery for CollabNet Customers

This is an exciting time for CollabNet! You may have read in the news recently that Vector Capital, a technology-focused private equity firm, has acquired a controlling interest in CollabNet. Essentially, this included buying out the interests of CollabNet’s existing sponsors and injecting a large amount of fresh growth capital into the company.

While this is a win-win situation for CollabNet and Vector Capital, the real winners are you – our valued customers and community members.

Every day you are faced with increasing pressure to deliver quality software across a range of applications, target platforms and clouds. Increasingly, you need to become more flexible and agile with your software development and delivery efforts. You may also be seeking to improve collaboration and coordination across distributed teams while maintaining the visibility, traceability and governance needed to become more agile at scale.

In order to build better software across teams, processes and technologies, you need the right collaboration tools in order to succeed. This infusion of capital will enable CollabNet to accelerate innovation and delivery of new capabilities, services and training to help you do just that – modernize and streamline your software delivery pipelines.

Why Vector Capital?

We chose to partner with Vector Capital because they are very specific in the types of companies in which they invest. They invest in technology companies that have at least $30 million in revenue, strong customer bases and high gross profit margins. They are a growth oriented private equity firm, targeting companies with the intent that every investment will grow more than $100M.

Vector has been investing for more than 15 years and they know our industry well. The synergy between our two companies is strong, but most importantly, this partnership allows us to leverage strategies, processes and proven technology solutions for enhancing your collaboration and agility.

How will CollabNet use the funding?

With new growth capital from Vector, we will increase investments in R&D, services, sales and marketing  with a focus on:

  • Helping customers become more agile at scale
  • Helping customers tackle modern software development and delivery challenges
  • Continuing to strengthen agile, continuous integration and DevOps-related capabilities within our TeamForge® ALM platform
  • Further enhancing our CloudForge® hosting service for TeamForge, Git and Subversion, as more organizations embrace the cloud to develop and deliver software faster and more efficiently
  • Enriching our industry-leading Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)and other agile training courses as well as our Enterprise Agile Transformation services
  • Identifying markets and companies for potential mergers and acquisitions


A New Era Begins

In 1999, we pioneered collaborative and distributed agile software development in the cloud – and now, with more than 10,000 customers, we help many of the world’s largest organizations deliver quality software faster than ever before.

Our new partnership with Vector Capital is the beginning of a new era for CollabNet as it accelerates our ability to innovate, and more than ever – to help our customers succeed in their path to improved agile software delivery at scale.

If you have further questions about the Vector investment, I encourage you to contact your local CollabNet representative.

Here are a few examples about what industry experts are saying about this exciting development at DowJones and TechCrunch.

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Sincerely, Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli is Chairman of the Board and cofounder of CollabNet. Bill has been a business innovator in open source, globally distributed software development and on-demand provisioning since the late '90s. Bill's background includes 30+ years of experience in creating businesses and driving startups to rapid growth through to successful IPO and acquisition, as well as executive staff leadership in billion dollar companies. He has consistently conceived of and led teams to deliver client-enabling IT strategies, products and services in both the hardware and software industries. In recognition of his accomplishments as a leader in global software development, Bill was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the Technology Pioneer Award in 2010.

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