Guy Martin Empowers DOD's Agile Development in the Cloud

At CollabNet, we appreciate that the world understands our contributions to the advancement of practical methods of software development in the cloud.  For instance, last month, I traveled to Davos where I met with industry leaders who share our vision and want to improve the world with technology. There, CollabNet was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer for leading an industry in transforming the state of software development across entire industries. As a dramatic example of this transformation, I’ve blogged before about CollabNet’s work with the US government to change the way the DoD procures and builds software (  By inserting collaborative & agile techniques, the DOD could literally save hundreds of millions of dollars and years of schedule off of their current method of procurement for any number of Programs.

As part of CollabNet recently received equally gratifying recognition by the outside world – our federal practitioner, Guy Martin, (, has been awarded a Federal Computer Week Federal 100 award. Guy will be recognized in Washington DC on March 22nd at the 21st Annual Federal Awards Dinner for his groundbreaking work with the federal IT community.  At this event, Guy and 99 other individuals will be cited as “those whose vision, passion, risk-taking and pioneering spirit have impacted and transformed federal IT.  Professionals from government, industry and academia will be honored for their efforts in affecting change, progress and efficiency in determining how the federal government acquires, develops and manages IT.”

Guy’s work with DISA (Rob Vietmeyer, Guy’s DISA counterpart was also honored) and the federal government is a great example of why CollabNet is winning these industry pioneer awards. They have been able to extend the principles of global collaboration and agile development in the cloud that CollabNet has led in the commercial sector into the defense community by working closely with the DISA team on We applaud Guy for making these inroads that in part are leading to a number of federal initiatives and mandates for open source and agile software development. For instance, was one of the precursors that helped inform Congress when they worked on the technology language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, also known as HR2647.  Specifically section 804 of this bill directs the Secretary of Defense to devise a more ‘Agile and Collaborative’ technology acquisition methodology, asking the DOD to design a new process that essentially describes agile development in the cloud :

• early and continual involvement of the user;

• multiple, rapidly executed increments or releases of capability;

• early, successive prototyping to support an evolutionary approach; and

• a modular, open-systems approach.

This is, of course, right in line with the CollabNet based set of capabilities.  If you want to know more about, and how to get involved, please let us know.

Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli is Chairman of the Board and cofounder of CollabNet. Bill has been a business innovator in open source, globally distributed software development and on-demand provisioning since the late '90s. Bill's background includes 30+ years of experience in creating businesses and driving startups to rapid growth through to successful IPO and acquisition, as well as executive staff leadership in billion dollar companies. He has consistently conceived of and led teams to deliver client-enabling IT strategies, products and services in both the hardware and software industries. In recognition of his accomplishments as a leader in global software development, Bill was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the Technology Pioneer Award in 2010.

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