Project Update #1

As promised, here is a quick rundown of where we are on the DISA project:

  • Very good progress made on PKI-enabling the CollabNet SourceForge and SVN products
  • Initial drafts of site look & feel and content complete
  • Initial draft of ‘Community Building Plan’ complete and ready for review

There is still a lot of work to do between now and the LOA (limited operation availability) date at the end of the year, but things are moving along.  Most likely the LOA period will last a month or so to shake out both technical and social/community issues, but we hope to be well along our way in February of 2009.

The effort continues to get positive reviews both inside and outside of the DoD, including this recent article in the Defense Systems publication.

I’m learning a ton about what community means (and where the challenges are) to the DoD, and the single greatest weapon in my arsenal is the lowly question.  I’ve learned to ask a lot of them to adjust the process of defining this community.

Thanks for listening – I’ll chime in with more updates as we progress toward site launch.

Update – Federal News Radio (WFED – 1500 AM out of Washington, DC) recently spoke with several influential government officials, including the CTO of DISA, who mentioned the initiative.

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2 comments on “ Project Update #1
  1. Just a suggestion re: requirements for the initiative.
    The DoD Net-Centric Services Strategy requires the use of a Service Specification Template (SST) to provide a common model for providing service description information. To date, I have not seen a good example or tool for developing an SST.
    The NCSS states that the SST will have, at a minimum:
    • What the service does
    • How users can access the service
    • Which security mechanisms or restrictions apply to the service
    • Various points of contact for the service (e.g., the name, contact information for the service provider)
    • Service-level characteristics
    • Performance information
    If the initiative were able to provide an automated means for generating standardized SSTs, I think that would go a long way in promoting service re-use across DoD.

  2. Guy Martin says:

    Thanks for your comment! I’ll bring this up when we do our next Agile iteration kickoff for requirements (in January), but at first blush, there are a couple of ways to solve this:
    – Use additional top-level categories (taxonomy) for projects on, which can define some of
    the characteristics that you list above.
    – Start a project on that can create a tool for building this SST for any
    Net-Centric Service in DoD.
    The portion of the initiative is designed to allow open collaboration to take place, and as such, it would be a good place to help develop a tool to gather this standard meta-data for Net-Centric Services.
    A future addition to the complex will be a site called ‘’, which would most likely be a place to collaborate on what the standard set of SST values should be going forward.
    We are obviously still at a very early stage in the development of the systems, but I do appreciate your comments and suggestions here (we’ll be creating a ‘suggestions-style’ project to help capture these kinds of ideas going forward). Please stay tuned here, and also later on the site itself for future updates.
    -Guy Martin

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