How should tech companies invest in the next generation and prepare for the future?

You don’t need to search for long to find someone talking about jobs in America. While there are serious things to consider when addressing job issues in all industries, the tech industry has been especially affected by the tides of innovation. Last year the White House announced there were more than 500,000 job openings in IT, making it the largest occupational category for open jobs. Why? Digital transformation and the proliferation of software in just about every industry (i.e. “every company is a software company”) are mostly to blame. So, what do we do? Technology leaders and executives in particular need to take responsibility for this issue. In a way, it is our problem to solve. In a recent post on IDG, CollabNet CEO Flint Brenton discusses how executives can turn the reality of these statistics on the workforce shortage from a crisis into an opportunity. Technology leaders want talented, adaptable and diverse people on my team and believe it’s time to be proactive and win this workforce challenge.

So, how can we solve this surplus and attract the highest quality employees? Check out CEO Flint Brenton’s feature on where he discusses three things you should consider as the tech industry continues to innovate and grow.

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