The Agile Regression: How to Avoid Moving Backwards

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After the Webinar – More Insights from the Experts, part 2  Last week I posted more insightful audience questions for Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner from our recent webinar Dev Ops in the Enterprise. Since we had such fantastic audience engagement from our listeners – here are some additional that we hand-picked for Gene Kim to answer around The Agile Regression: How to Avoid Moving Backwards Doug: Our team has been transitioning to Agile, but we seem be regressing and losing our discipline. How do we remedy that? Gene: There are barriers to agility that usually cause this back-sliding, despite … LEARN MORE »

The Agile Journey Begins – or Ends – Depending on your Culture

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 After the Webinar – More Insights from the DevOps Experts, part 1 We recently conducted a webinar called Dev Ops in the Enterprise with Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner, Gene Kim, co-author of “The Phoenix Project and CollabNet’s own Laurence Sweeny. The audience engagement was fantastic and we received many insightful questions from our listeners. Here are a few I hand-picked from the audience for Kurt Bittner around: The Agile Journey Begins – or Ends – Depending on your Culture. Doug: What are some best practices in measuring/surveying the current culture? Kurt:  Agile practices require cross-functional teams. An organization that … LEARN MORE »

Continuous Improvement – Helping Agile Teams make NEW Mistakes


Mistakes in pursuit of curve-jumping innovation are an unavoidable part of the agile process and investment. Some organizations are afraid to allow Dev teams to make mistakes (or experiment with change) and they build engineering cultures that discourage risk-taking or the trying of new things. These cultures ultimately limit opportunities to build competitive business advantages and put their business at unnecessary risk in changing markets. Consequently, mistakes are a necessary component of innovation. That being said, the best Dev teams only make new mistakes. What do I mean by “new” mistakes? Developers in challenging situations come up with a “new” … LEARN MORE »

Free Workshop in DC: Steps for Achieving Agile and DevOps Success

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On December 5th in Washington, DC, CollabNet along with their partner Carahsoft, a government IT solutions provider, will be hosting a complimentary half-day event on “Steps for Achieving Agile and DevOps Success” which will feature best practices and lessons learned from DISA I will be attending this event and look forward to networking with others interested in next-gen software solutions that are scalable in the enterprise. In addition, check out this recent white paper to learn more about how you can achieve the benefits of DevOps on an enterprise scale and to get you excited about the context for the event. The … LEARN MORE »

New TeamForge 7 Training Videos!

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TeamForge 7 is our latest TeamForge release with lots of new features and core infrastructure updates. If you’re wondering where to get started the two new TeamForge 7 training videos are an excellent place to start. The first video “CollabNet TeamForge 7 – Introduction and Guided Tour” will give you a good overview of TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate, the industry’s first Federated ALM and DevOps platform. This video will walk you through the lifecycle tools, accessible from the TeamForge toolbar – and includes tools for tracking, source code management, build and test (continuous integration), code review, file release, and collaboration. … LEARN MORE »

Complimentary Agile and DevOps Event in Huntsville, Alabama

half day event in Huntsville, AL

On September 25th in Huntsville, Alabama, CollabNet along with their partner Carahsoft, a government IT solutions provider, will be hosting a complimentary half-day event on “Achieving Breakthrough Performance with Agile and DevOps.” I will be attending this event and look forwarding to networking with others interesting in next-gen software solutions that are scalable in the enterprise. The workshop will include a close look at the Department of Defense’s DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) and the lessons learned through implementing Agile ALM and DevOps into their software delivery process. The workshop will also include presentations on Agile engineering governance, a … LEARN MORE »

Follow-Up DevOps Q&A

DevOps Q&A

  After presenting on a recent webinar by CollabNet called “50% Cycle Time Reduction –  Delivery Pipeline Strategies That Work,” my colleague Laurence Sweeney and I received some interesting questions about DevOps from the webinar registrants that I would like to address: 1)      What is difference between DevOps, ARA and CD (Continuous Delivery)? How do they all relate to each other?   My favorite definitions of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and DevOps are the following:   Continuous integration is where each commit results in a fully tested build, but not running in production Continuous delivery is where each commit results in … LEARN MORE »

Fear No More: Platform Federation Is Here

TeamForge 7

  Last week we announced the release of TeamForge® 7 with Orchestrate.  This release adds a wealth of new capability that provides enterprise-wide orchestration across projects, teams, tools and clouds—all in one packaged, “federated” platform. This new platform offers customers flexibility, visibility, traceability, automated process compliance, and centralized management. Some cool features of our TeamForge 7 release include: •  Adaptive planning boards accessed through a flexible drag-and-drop framework completely integrated with our native ALM platform. The planning boards adjust to methodology changes and extend Agile planning into CI/CD. •  Enterprise-level lifecycle dashboards (based on 14 years of CollabNet expertise) that provide packaged and … LEARN MORE »

The Week’s Big News: Orchestrate!


I’d like to share some big news. Tuesday we announced TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate™. We believe TeamForge Orchestrate represents a breakthrough approach to modern software engineering, as it enables globally dispersed software organizations to connect disparate tools and activities – across locations and clouds.  Together, TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate provides IT organizations with an open, extendable ALM platform for enterprise Agile and DevOps, one that delivers traceability and governance while providing the freedom and control to use a range of open-source and commercial tools in unison. As some of you know, since our inception 14 years ago, CollabNet’s vision has been to provide … LEARN MORE »

BED Time Stories – Sharing Gerrit, Jenkins and Eclipse Knowledge

BED - Berlin Expert Days

We had a really great time on BED – Berlin Expert Days last Thursday and Friday. The conference was very well attended – we heard about 700 participants – and the talks gave invaluable insights into what’s hot in Java, DevOps, NoSQL and everything related to it. Among many other things we learnt how SoundCloud scales (technically as well as organizationally, Ruby has already crossed its peak as new stuff is written in Scala), why Adam Bien typically removes 60 percent of production code on his gigs and how ImmobilienScout24 managed to establish a DevOps culture by encouraging every single … LEARN MORE »

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