Webinar: Expert Insights to Deploying in the Cloud

We recently hosted a webinar with Joyent entitled “The Silver Lining to the Cloud – develop and deploy applications with speed, simplicity and security.” It was a great discussion on agile development with Laurel Reitman, VP Product at Joyent and Willie Wang, VP Product at Codesion.

Key Highlights:

  • Developers don’t have to become system administrators to effectively deploy in the cloud
  • Vendor lockin isn’t an issue as compared to in-house solutions because SaaS providers like Codesion and Joyent make portability easy through open standards and open source projects
  • Many developers still aren’t practicing agile development because the tools traditionally available made it cumbersome to implement
  • The Codesion-Joyent partnership means that push-button deployment is now a reality, which makes it faster to get features and bug fixes in front of customers
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