Monthly Uptime Report Now Available!

One of Codesion’s main strengths is undoubtedly Uptime.

Yes, servers in general do love to go down, and, yes, Codesion is not exempt to this. That being said, even when our services might be temporary down, and while we quickly capture it in our status page, we are proud of the excellent job our SysAdmins do to consistently keep our 99.9% SLA for our Business plan users.

In that regard we came to one conclusion: “If this is one of our main strengths, why not make our Uptime report available to all our users to see?” And so we have.

As part of our recent initiatives for our Customer Success program, and increasing our Business transparency, you can now come to ONE place to get an accurate gauge on how Codesion services are really doing lately.

Where can you find this Uptime Report?

Easy… In our status page too (BTW we encourage you to subscribe for updates by entering your email there).

Simply visit our status page, and click on our Monthly Uptime Report Page:

How good is Codesion supposed to be doing?

If you are on our Business plans (or above), we are required to comply with our High Availability offering that entitles you to a 99.9% uptime.

If you have only a Personal plan (formerly known as Team Edition), we do not have an SLA in place. If you are doing mission critical development, and must have an SLA in place, please consider upgrading to a Business plan.

If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Your Friendly Customer Success Manager
Codesion – CollabNet Cloud Service

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