Bugzilla 4.0.1 now available in Codesion

Upgrading our Bugzilla instances in Codesion was a project long time coming… yes, we know!

But you spoke loud and clear and we listened. Therefore, we decide to not just to upgrade our Bugzilla to the next version, but to skip a few major releases and go straight to the latest and greatest.

And it’s our pleasure to announce you that: all new Codesion Accounts, or old account just adding Bugzilla for the first time, will be enjoying a brand-spanking-new Bugzilla 4.0.1 instance from now on.

Old Bugzilla instances in Codesion will still be in 3.0.11… but just for a little longer. We promise! All instances will be gradually, and carefully, migrated to this new version soon with prior notice to the account owners.

So what’s new in 4.0.1? Pretty much everything in the user interface! However, in the backend it still remains the solid, battle-tested tool, plus the Codesion’s service reliability you’ve come to trust.

Some of the new features include:

  • Automatic Duplicate Detection When Filing Bugs
  • New Advanced Search UI
  • New Attachment Details UI
  • Autocomplete for Users and Keywords
  • General Usability Improvements
  • New Default Status Workflow
  • “Last Search” Now Remembers Multiple Searches
  • Cross-Domain WebServices with JSONP
  • Major WebService Enhancements
  • Mandatory Custom Fields
  • Voting Is Now An Extension
  • Users Get New CSS and Javascript Automatically
  • Many New Hooks
  • Other Enhancements and Changes
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