Java Web Apps to Rails, A Developer’s Experience…

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  1. November 6, 2013 at 7:59 am

    Thanks for taking the time to jot down your experience.

    Regarding the IDE, I am surprised you did not find RubyMine. JetBrains makes awesome IDEs (ItelliJ, too).

    More about the motivation behind Ruby…

    Ruby treats you like an adult. It doesn’t baby you, or hold your hand, or make you type all sorts of (obfuscating) fluff that a compiled language needs. Your code is more compact and obvious and “dense with meaning”, leading to less need for things like return types and method parameter data types. Or semicolons.

    Rails is incredibly opinionated about how the MVC code should look. It is basically a model-driven architecture. You can use the generators (interesting when first starting, or for banging out a quick prototype), or write your own twist on a generator. Instead of focusing on the boring framework bits with repetitive, template-like code for each domain object, you can focus on quickly creating features that people want to use and pay for :-)

    Ruby on Rails has a great ecosystem of wonderfully talented folks providing gems to do all sorts of useful things. From the full registration/user management (devise) to PDF parsing, to simple rules models, and so much more.

    The ecosystem of supporting tools is incredible. Cucumber, Rspec, FactoryGirl/Fabricate, etc., all make it easy to “do the right thing” and write code with BDD/TDD to provide quality from the start.

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