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Enabling Multiple Ticket Integrations between Trackers and Git and SVN

Ticket integration is one of our most popular features at CloudForge.  It allows a developer to update a ticket in a tracker with the commit message, or status of the ticket.  It is simple, powerful, and widely used. Currently, to set this up, you create a CloudForge project; make sure you have at least one source control service (Git or SVN) and a tracker service (TeamForge, Trac …).  You also need to make sure that Ticket Integration is enabled for this project.  Although this works well for most cases, customers sometime want to have multiple SVN or Git repositories sharing …

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Enabling a 3-tier Java Application for the Cloud

Co-Authored by Mark George Last September (2011) we added Scrumworks Pro (SWP), an Agile Project Management solution by CollabNet, to our Cloud.  We thought it would be really interesting to explain in technical detail how our engineering team took a single tenant Java application and transformed it into a semi-multitenant application. Scrumworks Pro (SWP) was built specifically for the Scrum process, until recently, where it now also supports Kanban methodology.  CollabNet Cloud Services (CloudForge) is glad to bring you this Agile tool as part of our cloud development platform. SWP Architecture SWP is based on a 3-tier Java architecture.  It uses JBoss as …

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Codesion Brings Git to the Enterprise Cloud

Although Codesion has been mainly associated with providing Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting of Subversion, we are not a Subversion only company. Our philosophy has always been to provide the best of breed tools to help developers get things done. Therefore, I am happy to announce that our Git Hosting product is now generally available (GA). Ultimately, Codesion believes you, the developer, should have a choice on tools that best suit your mode of development. Now, it is obvious that Codesion won’t be able to provide all the available open source development tools in the Cloud, but we want to provide …

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New GIT feature: Commit Activity Feed

Codesion customers have been asking us when Git will exit out of beta…well, we have an answer for you. The Codesion team has been diligently iterating our Enterprise GA in order to go GA in Q4, 2011! Thanks to our customers’ request, we released a new feature: bringing git commits as part of our activity feed. Make sure you configure your git configuration with your identity when installing git on your desktop. Doing this step ensures git activities are identifying you correctly: git config —global user.name “your name” git config —global user.email “youremail@email.com”

Fast Track Your Subversion Journey to the Cloud – Q&A

On September 28th, I co-presented the webinar, “Fast-Track your Subversion Journey to the Cloud,” with Bob Jenkins, Director, Subversion Services at CollabNet. We covered deployment options for SVN – on-site, hybrid or cloud and how to decide what’s best for your organization. We also talked about solutions and services to help your organization transition to the cloud. We encouraged our attendees to come to the session armed with all the questions they have always wanted to ask about Subversion. As a result, we received many great questions that we just couldn’t get to during the live event, so we have …

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Codesion Enhancements: Deployment Updates, European Data Center, Analytics and more

Greetings from the frog.  From time to time, we would like to update you on our new features, and talk about our product plans for the future. New Features Codesion Publisher Iteration Codesion Publisher allows one click deployment of your code to any hosted server and cloud providers like AWS, Google App Engine, and Joyent.  A limitation in Codesion Publisher was that you cannot have the same type of recipe within a publishing target.  For example, if you had one EC2 Server as a target, and you wanted to use SCP to deploy code to the EC2 server, you can …

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Agile in Action – How Codesion Does Agile Development

Last Thursday I hosted the webinar – Agile in Action – how Codesion does Agile development. We had an excellent turnout and a lot of great questions as a result. I went through the process of how we define and groom our product backlog, run sprint planning meetings, do daily sprints, and reporting. If you missed the session live, you can watch the recording and download my slides. As promised during the session, here’s the follow up to the live audience questions. Q: We have a small team but very distributed. Do you think this agile methodology helps and how? …

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Why Codesion Moved to TeamForge

Over the years, Codesion has used many different open source tools as part of our internal development.  We used Bugzilla, Trac, and most recently, we had Redmine.  As we become better and better at practicing Agile SCRUM methods, we wanted to use a single application that helps us manage all of our user stories, defects, and sprints. This is why we moved to TeamForge (of course being part of CollabNet helped too, but it wasn’t the primary reason we switched). The Journey Trac was our very first issue tracker back when we were still CVSDude.  We started using Trac around …

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Pivotal Tracker Integration now Live

Here at Codesion, we provide source control and agile tools to individual developers, professional workgroups, to the Enterprise.  Although many of our features are core to companies that are doing mission critical development, we have not forgotten about individual developers. Many of you have told us that you are using Pivotal Tracker, a free, light-weight Agile management tool.  Here are some of their key features: Iceboxes – Create unordered tasks that you plan to work on in the future. Backlog – Create ordered tasks that you plan to work on, but have not started yet. Backlog tasks can be easily shifted into the current …

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Codesion Upgrades to Subversion 1.6.13

In keeping up with the latest releases of Subversion, we rolled out Subversion 1.6.13 on all our servers early this week.  Please refer to the change log for more information.