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Using client certificate with Apache and Subversion

Explains how to configure client certificate for all Apache requests, except Subversion requests.

Subversion Is Not Just For Developers (Part 2)

In my first post Subversion Is Not Just For Developers (Part 1), I shared the stories of folks who emailed CollabNet about how they were using the platform for projects other than software development. In this blog, I want to clear up some confusion about the mention of discussion forums and other tools, and introduce TeamForge. Subversion is software that enables you to keep track of many versions of a document or entire project, and to allow for team collaboration. This is useful not just to software developers, but for people in many walks of life. You can, for instance, have …

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Subversion at the 2008 World Economic Forum

Brian Behlendorf, Apache co-founder and CollabNet co-founder writes from the 2008 World Economic Forum

Subversion – Product of the Year

Subversion, product of the year 2008. vote for Subversion 2008 product of the Year: vote for Subversion.

Nominate Subversion for product of the year

Nominate Subversion for product of the year

TortoiseSVN and Subversion 1.5

TortoiseSVN’s plans for Subversion 1.5

Subversion 1.5 availability

When will Subversion 1.5 be available? Understand the process of how the Subversion community goes from development to release and get a weatherperson’s prediction.

Subversion Merge Tracking – The Basics

Subversion 1.5 will support Merge Tracking. This blog post provides a high level overview of what Merge Tracking is, why it is important and what it means to your organization. It also suggest what you can do to prepare your organization and invites you to join the Merge Tracking Early Adopter Program