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Scott is responsible for driving the product strategy, technical and business requirements for CollabNet’s core product line, TeamForge. Scott has over 19 years of engineering and product management experience across large and start-up technology firms with a focus on enterprise and infrastructure software. Prior to CollabNet, Scott held leadership product management and marketing positions at Cisco, VERITAS Software and Panta Systems. He was part of the initial core team for Cisco’s entry into the server market with responsibility for leading inbound and outbound software product management and helping to drive the platform to a #1 market position within 5 years. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and graduated with honors from U.C. San Diego.

TeamForge Featured in SD Times: SCM Brings Control to the Software Development Workflow

I recently spoke with Christina Mulligan at SD Times about the importance of Software Configuration Management (SCM) and associated Version Control (VC) tools in the development workflow and in maintaining security. As software delivery becomes increasingly faster with the growing adoption of Agile and DevOps within enterprise organizations, the chances of making mistakes and getting lost in code can become problematic when striving for this level of speed. Today, SCM platforms are increasingly vital to developers, helping them track the changes and identify mistakes that are inherent to these faster processes. Here are some highlights of what we discussed, including …

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Distributed or Centralized Development?

  For most enterprises, it’s not a question of or but and Over the past several years, organizations have been affected by new market disruptions that were hard to foresee a decade ago. This is especially true when it comes to the Software Configuration Management (SCM) landscape. Today’s IT organizations must address and manage many new software delivery paradigms, including decentralized development teams, increased use of short-term and remote workforces and greater concerns over intellectual property protection. The combination of these seemingly unrelated forces has created several unique technology and business challenges for enterprise development organizations. Hybrid and Mixed Development …

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